Brammo Empulse R Electric Motorcycle

Another electric bike that looks the part but still lacks range.  I can see these only getting better in the sense of their range and the looks are not so bad to look at are they? Wicked!

Check out the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle, the Brammo Empulse R, carving up the twisties in Malibu and cruising the mean streets of LA. She’s a thing of beauty… and the bike’s pretty nice too!



  1. Don Plummer says:

    I really like the idea of electric but right now I need a minimum of 60 mile range at 80 mph in temps down to 0F while running heated gear. I’m doing it for 50 mpg now.

    Making it look like a vintage Norton or Triumph would be cool too, LOL

    • advgrrls says:

      I guess the weight of the batteries determines how far an electric can go while trying to keep the overall weight of the bikes down. Seems weird that in this day and age someone hasn’t invented a light weight battery able to hold a charge for a lot longer range. Good point as well about using heated gear. No where have I found specs on even the use of heated gear and battery life.

  2. akrichardm says:

    I’d consider getting one. The range seems adequate and it looks pretty good and it has a 6-speed transmission! No CVT…

  3. James Arnett says:

    Nice looking bike, range is getting better on electric bikes. I don’t know if they will ever have a touring bike, but I could see myself buying one in a couple of years for short rides and around town.

  4. uglicoyote says:

    Reblogged this on HardRider and commented:
    The future. I can feel it coming.

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