Outta here on July 9th 2012

Finally we get to go away on our bikes for more than a long weekend.  This will not be an epic trip like last years 44 day Alaskan Adventure but it’s going to be a great trip just the same.  We will have our SPOT Connect with us on tracking too.  We do this not only for anyone who might want to follow but for our family and friends to keep an eye on us.  We hate using cell phones on the road and this is one way we can stay in touch with those we need to without using the phone.

We also can skype etc.  Technology comes in handy.  There will be live update on this BLOG, our Facebook pages as well as tons of pictures.  Anyone who follows this blog sure knows Leslie LOVES her pictures.  We are excited to head down to KLIM and see where our suits are made or come from at least.  We are looking forward to getting some off roads riding tips, meeting other ADV riders and enthusiasts.  Just excited to get outta of here and get away from our jobs and be together on the road.  That is where we feel our best.

Closer to departure date I will post the SPOTwalla page so if you feel lke you want to track where we are going you can see it live.  We have no idea really where we are going after Rigby, ID so everyone else will find out when we do.  😉

More info on this 2 weeks adventure on the next few weeks.  WE can not wait! 🙂


  1. Kelsow says:

    Have a wonderful trip and take LOTS of pix. ;~)

    I leave on Fri to do the Gaspe again.

    Ride safe.

    • advgrrls says:

      Thanks you too….and to think we get to finish off this little Arizona trip too! Back home Saturday but first more of the Grand Canyon etc…

  2. akrichardm says:

    Maybe I’ll see you on the road. I should be passing through southern B.C. around then going from Kamloops to eastern WA…

    It sounds like a great trip to a cool event.

  3. akrichardm says:

    Leaving Fairbanks on July 3rd.

    • advgrrls says:

      great hope you get some good weather through BC…do the Cassier if you can and stay in Dease River area…great camping there. Hope to see you on the road….rubber side down of course!

      • akrichardm says:

        The Cassiar and Dease River is on my schedule! I can’t wait to get on the road…

  4. uglicoyote says:

    Reblogged this on HardRider and commented:
    Looks like fun to me!

  5. I’m jealous… It will be at least a couple of months before we get to go anywhere on a long ride. Until then I will be checking back to see how yours when… Ride safe…

  6. advgrrls says:

    Hope you guys get out soon Ivan and again thanks for checking out our BLOG about everything! 😉

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