Intro to OUR Cager Adventure – to be con’t

When we get home I will put together a post showing all that we did while down in Arizona once Leslie’s course was finished.  First few days were business and then we had 4 days to explore.  Goal was to see the Grand Canyon as much as we could.  We drove, yes I mean drove our bikes are at home, over 1000 miles in 3 days.  It was HOT but fun. ALL PICS ARE CLICKABLE for HiRES

Here are a few sample pics we took while driving in our a/c cage! 😉

We got to see a beautiful White Tiger who loves to play just like a cat!

Average Temp was over 100 degrees F each day

HOW cute is this?


While “vacationing” we seemed to have a lot of these! 😉

Saw one of these!

Saw lot’s of RED ROCKS down here in Arizona.  Leslie was here about 34 years ago, Cheryl has never been to this State.

And than of course the GRAND CANYON….we got to see a sunset and then went back the next day and just explored all day!  We both agree the CANYON sure is GRAND!


OKAY…one last picture and then more later!

Even though our visit to Arizona was short it was GREAT!  Remember in July we are actually taking our bikes out for a 2 week trip! More of this report later and of course we will be posting live on our BMW trip starting July 9th!  😉

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3 thoughts on “Intro to OUR Cager Adventure – to be con’t”

  1. Beautiful places and beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing.

    Regarding the “caged” driving, it made sense, given your conditions. Remember that with all the protective gear on, you also do “caged” riding. I personally enjoy very much riding bareheaded and in shirt sleeves when the weather allows me to do so. I wear prescription glasses, so I have all the essential protection needed above 60 km/h (40 mph). I know it is not safe, but if the traffic authorities decide to turn a blind eye towards old guys riding bareheaded and God gives us perfect riding weather (very frecuently here, in Guatemala), it would be a pity to let it go to waste by riding caged (even if the cage is fitted to my body) instead of covered just enough for comfort. So, do not try this at home, but do not despair that much about driving caged. Just wish that you could ride instead of drive, unless you happened to have a really interesting car to drive, in which case, some eye-candy will be appreciated, as well as some commentaries about how good it was.

      1. Not a bad choice at all. Even if it is not the most powerful car on the road, is quite agile in turns.

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