LOVE the smell of new Tires!

Well, it’s that time again to get new “shoes” put on our bikes.  I am amazed at the range we seem to be getting out of the Heidenau K60 tires.  Leslie is over 23,000 KM now and Cheryl has over 19,000 KM’s on hers.  Keep the PSI up and they last without jeopardizing the tread.  We both still have tread left on our present tires but since we are going away and could be doing up to 10,000 KM in July we thought what the hell…get some new rubber. 

Also, just got some Galfer Green brake pads as our back ups and our bikes are due for an oil change.  We use K&N filters

and Castrol or Lucas semi-synthetic oil. 

The new 140 rear has slightly changed since our last set.  Just like the 150 rear we used on the Triumph’s last summer the 140 now has a slight center strip that I am sure will help with this rear tire from squaring off.  I read about riders cutting out the center strip.  Not sure how much of a difference that would make with traction but whatever anyone wants to do to modify their bikes or tires…is up to them. 

New Front

Leslie has been riding on a PLUG, you can see in the below picture for quite sometime now.

New rear. See the center strip? None on my bike’s rear as you can see and my present rear looks real worn compared to the new K60

Side view of the rear

Side view of front

Unfortunately, we do not mount our own tires. We will have to see if we can get our bikes in to Pacific Motorsports for mounting. Many dealers are selling these tires now we just happen to have bought our first set from Robert, see info below and have stayed with hm.  His prices are fair and an avid ADV rider himself. 

If you have any questions about these tires feel free to ask.  Pre-trip begins! 😉

Email or phone:

Robert @ 604.838.4733 or 1.866.547.0911


  1. Gary says:

    Hey Leslie – just got a set of K-60 150s for my Weestrom – they look great, looking forward to mounting them up. Speaking of expected mileage from Heidenaus – any insight on the mileage disparity? Some people claim high mileage numbers, while others say they wear out early. Re: balancing – get one of these Marc Parnes balancers and a couple of jack stands + some tire spoons and you can do your own mounting, recoup the cost over time, and know they are balanced correctly. By this I mean – first, check the balance of your wheel with no tire and mark the “heavy” spot with a sharpie – then, put the “dot” on the tire on the heavy spot of your wheel (the “dot” is a factory marking of the lightest location of the tire). By taking this extra step (that not shops take), you minimize the amount of tire weights needed – and sometimes, if you are lucky, you do not need to add any weights as the match up of the heavy spot on the wheel and the light spot on the tire “work” and cancel the need for weights.
    I mention this because some shops just slap the tires on the wheels and correct with weights.
    A Heidenau and Mefo fan…

    • advgrrls says:

      Tires and how long they last is very subjective and rider related. What I mean many air these tires down A LOT based on how they ride and what they think will increase their traction. According to Heidenau they DO NOT recommend airing their tires down with a fully loaded ADV bike. Makes sense if you think about it. Especially the tubed tires. Airing down too much you risk a puncture and bent rim. Also, that just lessens the range of this tire and any tire for that matter.

      We do not judge those who take the PSI down but our rule is if we are not riding in deep sand the PSI stays up. WE might air down just a bit for mud but rarely.

      We thought about getting a tire changer and might one day but for
      now we just let the dealer do the mounting also we have no time at this point to play around. Hope you get your 150’s on soon Gary and get off road! You have so many great places to ride!

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