BMW F800GS & F700GS – WHAT do you think? Enough of a change?

New for 2013, BMW has announced the changes to the 800GS and now the 700GS which will replace the 650GS twin.  The “new” 700 still has an 800cc engine but more HP, 75.  Is this enough of a change to sway potential Triumph 800XC and Roadie buyers?  

Check out BMW FB page here for more pics


First up the 800GS and the changes.  No different seat option which is what we were hoping for but seems they have made it so it can be lowered.  I for one would not want to lower the 800 but I will need to sit on one to see how my short inseam would fit.  New colours too.

Challenges? Yes! Compromises? No!
This is the motto of the revised F 800 GS – the sportiest member of the big GS family. The motorcycle continues its longstanding success story, providing impressive versatility both on and off the road: the ultimate versatile enduro machine with sporty genes.

The front section of the body in particular has undergone significant transformation: the new fuel tank trim, intake snorkel, upper mudguard and a new windshield give the bike that extra dash of dynamic performance, reflecting the off-road side of the F 800 GS.

Lowering is now available as an option for the F 800 GS, too. So in conjunction with the low seat, this means it is possible to create a seat height of 820 mm – perfect for shorter riders and women.

Meanwhile, ABS as standard, ESA and the optional ASC ensure the familiar degree of comfort and the necessary safety.

The F 800 GS comes in three exciting colour variants: Kalamata metallic, Alpine White 3 und Cordoba Blue. From tough and modern to athletic and dynamic – this bike is guaranteed to offer something for everyone.

F 800 GS: on and off-road have never been so close together.


Carefree motorcycling fun for everyone! With the F 700 GS – the direct successor to the F 650 GS. A shorter gear transmission ratio in the 75 bhp engine enhances agility while at the same time guaranteeing the bike’s familiar top-class handling. This makes the F 700 GS an ideal all-round machine within the GS family, suitable for every kind of rider – no matter how experienced.

What was good has just got better: with ABS as standard and ESA, not to mention ASC as an option, the ride is not just safer but also offers especially high comfort. Low weight, reduced seat height and a lowering option make the F 700 GS a perfect all-round enduro bike especially for female riders.

GS feeling everywhere: the new design of the windshield and dial faces and the smoke-tinted turn indicators and LED rear light give the F 700 GS the grown-up look it deserves. The three colour variants offer something for everyone: muted Red Apple Metallic, masculine Ostra Grey metallic matt and dynamic Glacier Silver metallic.

As usual, there is once again a wide range of options and special accessories for the F 700 GS to allow you to tailor your BMW to your individual preferences.

That’s the new F 700 GS. The ultimate all-rounder.

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14 thoughts on “BMW F800GS & F700GS – WHAT do you think? Enough of a change?”

    1. me neither! Just seems they keep making the same “mistake” over and over again! Now everyone is going to have to say “nooooo, it’s not a 700cc bike it’s an 800.” That is why we re-branded our 650’s as 798’s. LOL

  1. Wished they changed the plank seat too…I was also expecting more of a remodel since this bike came out in 2008. Maybe BMW needs help with ideas? LOL

  2. Bah, just my luck, 4 months in with the new Trophy and BMW revamp the bike! (Hi Leslie and Cheryl! It’s George from London!)

    Looks nice, like the new bronze/kalamata colour, but in all honesty the only burn I feel is the availability of ESA now, that would have been money well spent for me since I often go from only me to fully loaded… nevermind, such is life. Presumably the next update will by 2017/18 time, the Trophy will continue to have my love until then :o)

    1. we knew they were going to revamp the bikes back in January but to be honest just seems so conservative but they are still nice and yeah I like the road savvy improvements. Despite the plank seat we can always transfer our Renazco seats to 2 new 800GS bikes can’t we. Although we LOVED the Triumph Tigers I have to admit I want to be a BMW owner. A little conflicted but we shall see if we have the $$ in the fall to buy some new bikes. Time will tell..thanks for your comment! George!

      1. Some have mentioned that it may be possible to factory order the bike with the ‘comfort seat’ on the new model at minimal cost (compared to buying it as an accessory), although that is a moot point if you already have seats that work for you. Am seriously considering visiting Viking Motorcycle Seats in Kent – they measure you up and alter the stock seat by reshaping the foam and/or adding gel inserts and then re-covering with the original vinyl so it still looks stock… several have raved about their work. Let’s just say my recent holiday to Fryslân (1,600km round trip) left my coccyx in a bad way.

        Sorry to ask a completely off topic question but have you any experience with the BMW/Garmin Nav IV? My “waterproof” IP7-certified TomTom died somewhere in Belgium and then peed out of its SD slot. It’s since somewhat revived itself but now shuts down sporadically every few minutes…

        Thanks x

  3. We use the Garmin Zumo 660. Same as the BMW with less buttons. It’s been through hell and back and still kicking. Worth every cent and is glove friendly etc…costs less than the BMW 😉

  4. Bought a F650GS (aka f798 🙂 Sun Yellow couple of months, great bike!
    The new one, i think the evolution it’s not great, don’t like the screen, the brakes looks nice, but, did my bike need bigger brakes? At the moment, the way it breakes its enough.
    Regarding the engine 4 more hp and a little more torque, but at higher rpm.
    Apart the design changes will these mechanical changes be noticiable?
    The Tiger continues to be the machine to beat.
    I choosed mine, because when you choose a bike, you just dont look at specs, you have to feel the bike, this was the case!

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