New Tread

Heidenau K60’s look brand new with over 3000 KM’s on them and over 100 off road.  LOVE these tires!

Front with over 3000 KM’s

With over 3000 KM’s

Our Hotel for the night and we so do not fit in…but feels nice after camping out for since Thursday and getting back to the desert heat!

Nice Hilton


  1. RichardM says:

    My rear K60 lasted for only about 4K miles. The front looks like it’ll last forever. I had to replace the rear after getting to Oregon. A lot less life than I expected.

  2. Garth says:

    Have over 14,000 k on my current K60s and that includes our trip to Alaska which also included the trip to Inuvik up the famous gravel Demptster and across the Denali Highway. The rear still has a few thousand K left on it and I am sure I could get another 10k out of the front. Only complaint I have with these tires is the noise. I run them at bike manufacturer recommended pressure.

    • advgrrls says:

      they do make noise but nothing compared to TKC’s. 🙂 That is great mileage and we did the same last year. After riding all the lovely “smooth” roads in Alaska The Triumph bikes came back with plenty of treat on the K60’s when we gave the bikes back.

  3. Roelof says:

    I don’t hear any tire noice on dirtroads 😉 Have my K60 Scouts now for 10Kkm. I think the front is good for an other 10K, rear will hold maybe 5K. I am pleased by the way they perform in the wet & dry, on and off tarmac. They are slightly more vague than the MEFO Explorers I used before. Advantage of the K60’s over the MEFO’s (same factory!) is the possibilty to mount them tubeless. The difference in thread profile between the 130 I use on my R100GS and the 150 used on e.g. the F800 is a bit odd. They explained to me that the open 130-profile (good traction) could not withstand the higher power output of the 150 wide bikes. See

  4. Roelof says:


  5. Hans van Langen says:

    Got the K60 Scouts on my XT660Z Tenere and love ´em too!! Way much better then the Tourances I had before. Keep it comin´ gals!
    Greetz, Hans

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