KLIM Adventure Rally (July 6th – July 20th 2012) part II


This years summer trip was way shorter than last years epic ride with Triumph Canada, 2 Triumph Tiger XC bikes to Alaska.  Not 44 days long but only 11.  Why?  Leslie started a new job in January and was not able to get a large amount of time off this summer.  As a matter of fact every day Leslie used for this break from work was banked OT not vacation time because she is not able to take “vacation” until her probation is over.  BTW, should have been over July 16th.


In any case, every ride no matter how long or short can turn out to be an adventure and this was no different.  This trip we contended with temperatures ranging from 12 C (53 F) to 42 C (107.6 F).  The beginning of this trip we saw triple digits.

Starting Mileage

We left July 9th in the early morning to ride to Coeur d’Alene, ID.  Had to get there before dinner.  That is where Cheryl’s sister lives and we stayed there for 2 nights while waiting for the KLIM Adventure Summit Rally v.2 to start on Friday.  We arrived a day early on Thursday and KLIM was kind enough to accommodate us.

To recap some pics of our trek across the border and Washington State.  We already BLOGGED the first 2 days.  Go here to read first post of this trip.

We went through Winthrop, WA and the Spokane Valley.  That is where we hit triple digits.

Canada/USA Border

The ride on Rt 20 to Winthrop cuts right through the Northern Cascades in Washington.  It’s a beautiful ride and we have now done this route 3 times.  Some twisty roads and if you are lucky not to get caught behind some slow cars or Harley riders like we did the road is a lot of fun.

Group of HD riders hogging the road

Nice vistas and plenty of views

Plenty of bike shots too.  My family and friends who are not riders always ask, “why so many pictures of your bikes and info about bikes?”  We laugh and simply say this is a BLOG for many other people than our families….who might want to see our set up and hear about any technical issues.  The eyes always roll.

Anyway….here are our bikes at a summit right before Winthrop.

Cheryl trying to cool down.  At this point we could feel the heat rising.  While we had perfect riding conditions all morning we are beginning to feel our future heat.

Our gear for this trip was the KLIM Latitude suits.  Gore Tex and 100% waterproof without liners etc.  We wore Alpinestars Scout boots and had our own assortment of gloves.  I brought KLIM powerxcross and Dakar gloves.  Cheryl had the Dakar as well as Triumph ADV gloves we used last summer.  While our gear does not look the part for desert riding we managed pretty well.  When it got really HOT we soaked our base layers with cold water, closed all the vents except the top arm vents.  That would actually keep us cool for a few hours.  Well, I mean kept our core temp cooler than not doing this.

More info on HOT weather riding READ our post here, WHEN YOU’RE HOT YOU’RE HOT.

This picture is what we saw all the way to Idaho.  It’s a long ride from our house to Coeur d’Alene and we needed to get some speed.

We hit 42 C here or 107 F.  OUCH…we are from the Vancouver area not the desert.  😉 Recently, Cheryl and I were in Arizona, June to be exact and we both said we could not imagine riding in the Arizona heat.  We had no idea really it would get this hot on our trip to KLIM.  So, you do what you got to do to make it work.  Like I said every ride has an adventure in it no matter where you go.  This was survival of the fittest! 😉 We had cooling vests shipped to KLIM and ended up not needing them after we left Rigby.  More about that later.

Views on the way to Rigby, ID and KLIM!

Some roads are just meant for bikes!

We got to see real live cowboys at gas stations

Lot’s of road construction and we are thinking these are not meant for bikers to wait for 30 mins in over 100 degrees.  Cheryl decides to take off her jacket.

Cheryl road  a little while without her jacket but realized she was not much cooler in the long run and back to ATGATT.  Many interesting things to see on the side of the roads…we like this one in particular.

We both really had no idea that south-western Idaho was so desert like and with all the National Forests in the central part of the state it’s hard to get through to Rigby without riding through byways or navigating the back roads with a Forestry map.  We did not have a back road map and again time was an issue.  I always say we are going to do a ride just with back country dirt but we end up on pavement a lot. When we get the chance we really want to do a close by trip and tackle the Washington/Oregon Backcountry routes.

We rode through Hells Canyon and it was hot but beautiful

For some reason on all our trips I, Leslie always rides in the lead.  Cheryl has the GPS and tells me where to go and this seems to work for us.  I set the pace and miss the turns.  🙂  Cheryl gives me a ton of heads up before we need to change directions but at times I am in my own head space and will drive right by where the turn off is.  Cheryl is famous for having to wait for me to turn around and meet up with her around some bend.

Around Boise, we missed the initial byway across the mountains, so we ended up around Boise, it was getting really HOT out.

So, this is how we cooled off!

This is one way we got our base layers wet and it did work even with the KLIM gear on.

Having missed the turn off for a scenic by way we ended up in this area, Craters of the Moon National Park.  We were not planning on going this route but this is why mistakes can turn into something cool.

Between 15,000 and 2,000 years ago, the Craters of the Moon Lava Field formed during eight major eruptive periods. During this time the Craters of the Moon lava field grew to cover 618 square miles. The Wapi and Kings Bowl lava fields formed contemporaneously about 2,200 years ago.

We also saw a brush fire.  Flames and all. No major action going on but a loan helicopter we guess just keeping an eye on how large this fire would get.  We saw no water drops but then again fires like this must pop up all the time.

This fire was outside Arco, ID.  Not far from our destination of Rigby, Idaho.  We stopped at the KLIM headquarters before heading out to the ranch where the rally would be held.  We were greeted by Mark Kincartt, a big wig with KLIM.  He set us up for a tour of the expanding KLIM building.  We are part of that expansion, they get all our money.  LOL Oh, and thanks to Amanda Mitchell who received our cooling vests from Colorado.  That was sweet of her to help us out. Mark did a great job with his amazing wife Rose and all of KLIM at the rally.

Just sit back and if you are a KLIM fan the inside of their headquarter will thrill you.  We got to see their PR department, R&D, secret room, warranty area where they do repairs, IT, warehouse, offices and pretty much the entire place.  We think Syd was our tour guide we forgot his name….we hope it was Syd or Sid???

Everyone who came to rally was offered a tour and get your registration packet full of goodies.

After the tour we set our GPS to this

Very busy area full of ATV’s, dirt bikers and outdoor enthusiasts.  KLIM had their own area in the back for tents to be set up and where the food would be served.  Nice gig they put on.  Seriously, the location, the food, the attention KLIM paid to all the riders was impressive.  They gave out maps for self guided rides but also had some guided tours for groups to go on.  We ended up going out for 170 mile ride with Tony Huegel, aka byways on the ADV riders forum.  Great rider!

Setting up our home from Thursday to Sunday and trying to find a tree for some shade.  Although it was not nearly as warm in Rigby by the hills, it was still very warm.  We arrived with the sun blasting us but come Saturday the weather would change dramatically.

BIG AGNES GORE PASS 3 tent – no longer in production

Nice to get the luggage off to make the bikes lighter

Only venders and “important” people were supposed to show up on Thursday.  We made a day mistake but instead of being left out KLIM invited us for dinner and allowed us to camp out one night early.  Thanks again for not kicking us out for getting our days mixed up KLIM!

Sausage and Peppers! YUM!

I suck at remembering everyone’s names…but here a another friendly KLIM dude who made us feel welcome!

If you know the name of this great guy feel free to tell us! 😉

Friday Cheryl and I headed out by ourselves for a little back road riding. Nothing out of control but we got a dose of the silt they have in this region.  Like talcum powder.  No kidding!  Riding in this powder is tricky and we kept coming up to patches long and short of this slippery stuff.  Thinner than sand but nonetheless not easy to ride in.

Nice views all behind the ranch for miles and miles.

Cheryl is making sure we do not get lost!

I guess I am riding behind Cheryl this time…as anyone can tell I am the one with the camera while riding.  I gave Cheryl a camera to take on the fly shots but I don’t seem to have any of me???  😉

Peaceful and beautiful where we rode

We got back to the ranch after riding for hours and look at what KLIM brought in….SWEET!!!!!!! Custom F-350 and trailer.

Now it looks like a rally is happening here…on the day we were supposed to arrive! 😉

Nice T-Shirts!  Top quality of course!

KLIM fed us all that night as more riders came into the ranch.  KTM was the main bike at this rally.  Tons of 990’s and BIG guys riding them.  Many BMW’s as well but KTM had a huge presence.  Only 1 triumph Tiger Explorer and NO Tiger 800’s.  I was surprised not to see at least one 800 XC.

Only 3 ADV grrl riders.  Cheryl, myself and Megan from Montana.  Maybe more will show up next year?  Still amazes us we do not see more female ADV riders.

Saturday we went on a group ride with Tony Huegel who is well known to KLIM as an avid ADV rider and knows his back country roads.  Tony took about 10 of us to Wyoming the back route way.  We rode about 100 miles but it took over 4 hours and we were not babying it.  All of us were doing a pretty decent pace.

There was a camera crew following us and we had to wait for them at times but no big deal.  Nice riding, a little pile up due to some silt taking out Cheryl.  Then I had to bail and throw my bike down not to hit her and then another bike went down in the soft crap.

DOUBLE oops!

Everyone else got a lessen as to what not to do and all made it down without incident.  Cheryl and I got some help getting our bikes up and made it down once upright as well.

Discussing the hill

I was riding behind Tony our leader and I had to ride up his ass honking my horn to get his attention.  We all needed a break or drink of water and he is a riding machine.  Tony wears ear plugs and apparently hard of hearing too.  It took me about 3 miles to get his attention.  He was standing all that time and did not see me or hear me.  We did finally stop and got some nourishment.

This is Edward, he works for KLIM in R&D.  He is also known on the ADV Rider Forum as Questor.  What a character.  Even in this picture I can just hear what is coming out of his mouth.  Edward was a lot of fun to hang around, he has interesting stories, he can ride, he is anal and great as his job!  Loved meeting you Edward!

Edward aka Questor from KLIM

Tony our leader

Film crew met up with us to discuss where they were going to get their next shot!

Here we all are in Wyoming.  At this point some riders went to Jackson Hole and others elsewhere.  The three grrls, we headed back to the ranch as the rain was moving in and no one seemed too interested in riding back the same way if the weather was going to be really bad.

On our way back to the ranch, MAN did a storm move in.  The lightning was intense but the rain?  It DUMPED on us but you could see it coming.  In this part of the world a storm does not creep up on you…you just see it and head right into it!

Didn’t last too long, maybe 30 KM’s or so but it was fierce.  Tony was afraid we would all get hit with this weather pattern in the mountains but we made it out just in time.

The grrls getting beer for camp after we made it through the storm.


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