KLIM Adventure part III

In between the rain Cheryl got out to take some shots of the Montana River Ranch.  Kind of neat little place and the owners were very kind!

Mark Kincartt’s wife Rose, who did plenty of running around all weekend long also sells gear for bikes like this thermos.  Check out her web page GEARMOJO.  You add a little ice to cold water and this bottle keeps your water COLD for 12 hours.  No kidding, we bought two and tried them out after we left the rally in upper 90 F temps.  Great 40 oz container and you can use it for coffee too! 😉

KLIM Guys relaxing before the real rain came in….

Since KTM’s were all over the place I thought I would share the one that stood out for me.

Our bikes look so tiny compared to the 990’s and even the F800GS.

These are two of the KTM riders who were built like Redwoods.  The guy in the background is from Vancouver, BC.  I think his name is Radick.  Not sure about the spelling.  He could lift his 990 with one hand and that is a burn hole in his fairing on the right side.

Riders coming back from the day out…this is Paul and Chris. Chris rode his Scrambler but had street tires and did not enjoy the soft ground off-road.

This pic is from dinner Friday night.  A lot more people showed up than the night before.  Last year I was told 30 riders signed up and this year we had 80 riders.  Next year more???

Too bad the weather did not hold up, could have been even better being able to check out some venders and their “stuff”

Jimmy Lewis came is did a slow ride presentation.  He is an amazing rider and showed all of us how HARD it is to control your bike on dirt.  Hard for us, easy for Jimmy.  Jimmy has a riding school in California called JIMMY LEWIS OFF-ROAD RIDING SCHOOL.

Everyone watched with admiration to be honest

Jimmy makes it look way too easy and he is a short guy riding his 1200.

This is Jessie another KLIM employee and great dirt biker…nursing or should say recovering from a broken Tibia and Fibula.  OUCH!!!!!  Get better Jessie!

Short video of Jimmy Lewis and what we got to see LIVE…

When we arrived back at the ranch after Saturdays ride to Wyoming it was raining on and off.  Cheryl and I took some quick showers only to come out of the bathroom to a bit of a down pour.  We did not have a tarp set up and the ones that were up were full of riders trying to stay dry.

Too bad for the Venders.  Due to the rain everyone had to take down their displays to stay dry.

KLIM had plans for everyone to eat outside but were able to change the dinner venue to an inside theater on the Ranch and all was good.  Dinner once again was great and many door prizes were given out.  Cheryl won a DVD of the UTAH Backcountry route.

More riders heading down the silt hill

Forgot to mention that KLIM also gave out brown bag lunches for everyone on Saturday.  Sweet touch!  After a night of hanging out in our tent in the rain we feel asleep hoping for clearer skies in the morning for departure day.

We met some great people at KLIM and here is a group photo of Jimmy, Paul, Cheryl, Leslie and Christopher in the front.

We met Christopher in Arco, ID at a gas station…where I took this picture…

We told him about the KLIM rally.  Christopher was heading West on his adventure from North Carolina.  Instead he decided after we left the gas station to go back east and attend the Summit rally on his Scrambler.  Too funny but hey that is life on the road when you really have no deadline.  Christopher was open to deviating from his plans.

Jimmy and Paul are from California.  They are hysterical, great riders, have inspirational spirits and just a wonderful friendship with one another.  We enjoyed camping next to them and their company.

Later Saturday night when we were ready to sleep this stopped by our tent.  Then I had to go to the bathroom and Cheryl said “don’t open the tent, the beetle will crawl in!”  I said no way…

Outside the tent at first

Well…..The SOB did come in after I got back and I screamed like a little girl and Cheryl flicked him out and squished it.  We have both never seen a beetle that HUGE before!  Welcome to Idaho.

Inside the tent!


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