Erik Buell is back — and ready to rock

Erik Buell</p>
Scott Paulus

Erik Buell

Senior Reporter- The Business Journal

“Buell Is Back” is the headline in The Business Journal print edition this week, which refers to what Erik Buell already has accomplished — and the new investment he has received to take his sport motorcycle revival to the next level.

Buell is fired up about the future of his Erik Buell Racing LLC due to a $20 million infusion of foreign cash via FirstPathway Partners Milwaukee, as I explain in this week’s Business Journal print edition. Buell already has gotten attention in the sport-bike racing world for the initial success of his racing team.

The Speed Channel carried a very positive segment on Buell and his racing team in June. The next phase will involve building a street-friendly bike in the $20,000 price range, Buell told me.

Buell has achieved near-legendary status in the sport bike world for creating an American-made sport bike previously under Harley-Davidson Inc. and, since late 2009, on his own.

The Erik Buell Racing team ranks third at the moment against much larger foreign competitors. The Speed Channel said his team “has been the revelation of the 2012 AMA Pro Superbike Championship.”

No doubt Buell brings the street-cred — and the racing cred — to his new venture with FirstPathway.

Observers await not only his new generation of bikes built for street use but also the continued rise of his racing team.

“He needs to win a championship — build an American-made cycle that isn’t only competitive but wins,” Cycle World editor Mark Hoyer told me.

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4 thoughts on “Erik Buell is back — and ready to rock”

  1. I hope Eric makes it, people tend to either love or hate his bikes, but he has accomplished alot. I had a tube framed M2, one of the only bikes I have had over the years that I wished I had not sold. It was a fun bike to ride. Hopefully after a few years he can expand into making a less expensive bike. but at this time I think he is better off building high end bikes and competeing with the Europeans. Until he can become establised and bike sales start to recover from the current slump

    1. One last thing, his bikes wont be sold through H-D dealerhships, as most of dealerships did not want them nor supported them.

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