KLIM Adventure Part VI

We ended up staying in Yachats, OR after riding in the cold and rain.  Yep, in a hotel, hot shower and good dinner. 

The weather would not really give us a break so we could truly enjoy Canon Beach or Seaside.  But for us this was OK because we can always ride down the coast even for a long weekend.  So, although you always hope for decent weather while down here we were not as bummed as some tourists would have been.

We continued up the coast heading for the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. 

Come through the tunnel and see this or rather not see anything….exciting eh?  Good news is that we are still riding.

Hit a dry patch but that sea fog…just would not let up and burn off

There she is the ocean once again but not for long

Like always Cheryl right behind me. 

Forgot to mention on this day we both got pulled over by an Oregon State Trooper for “speeding”.  He took our license and as Cheryl pulled hers out the Trooper must have seen her badge.  He walked behind his car came right back and said, “I’d rather you two take the $190 I could charge you with some tickets and get a nice dry place to stay and good dinner.  Stay the speed limit and be safe.”  We were both like OK will do and off we went once again.  Nice Trooper 😉

Should have asked the cop if he could stop the rain for longer than a few miles at a time.

Nice having a waterproof camera for days like these.

Not much to report when it’s like this out other than we kept trying to make it somewhere dry like a coffee cafe or something but no such luck.  We got to Canon Beach and more of the same.  No need to walk around in the rain.  Cheryl was very disappointed as Canon Beach is a special place for her.

Ho Hum….I can tell anyone reading this might be feeling the same way we felt riding in this soup.  Soup that was cold.  Actually I am not complaining about the chill in the air.  A lot easier to warm up than cool down in triple digits.

Not sure about other riders but when we are on the road we often just feel starving.  We try everyday, and our waistlines HATE us for this, have a protein meal in the morning.  We LOVE breakfast and if find a cool place to stop we will rather than cooking breakfast.

When we passed through Tillamook Cheese area, it dried out.  Once again we have been down this way many times so neither one of us at this point felt like stopping and gorging ourselves on cheese and candy.  Having said that, anyone new to this area by all means stop at this factory.  The smells and choices inside will drive you nuts.  So much delicious cheeses and chocolates.  A must see if you are on the coast for the first time.

This day we ended up in Fort Stevens.  a Huge park with beach access, wildlife viewing and even a “ship wreck”.  Wait to see the ship wreck.  We thought is was going to be impressive but in a way it was pretty interesting to see this structure sticking out of the sand in the middle of nowhere.

Another break in the weather and now it feels once again like the Oregon Coast.  Much more pleasurable when you can see the water.  We both love the water!

Such a STUD!

No matter how many time I take this type of picture it always puts a smile on my face

Really bad picture of Canon Beach!

Next up our short stay at Fort Stevens.

Part VII soon

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