KLIM Adventure part VII

Last day of riding for us was actually something we expected…pouring rain almost all the way home from Fort Stevens.  But in meanwhile who does not LOVE a fire while camping…?  The second to last day was a mix bag.  We just took our time and enjoyed exploring.

Cheryl has become interested in taking some pictures while off the bikes.  Now if I can get her to take some while we are riding? 😉

Cheryl’s pictures are more artsy than mine, and here are a few from the trip.

Fort Stevens Park is quite big and there is a very nice beach access.  There are signs and info about a ship wreck on the beach and at low tide you can see the reminisce of the large vessel.

The entrance to the Columbia River is one of the most dangerous in the world. Hundreds of ships have been lost “crossing the bar”.

Cheryl taking a picture of me at the same time I am taking a picture of her…

Can you see Cheryl playing around the wreckage?

Now you can…

Beautiful seashore with tons of wildlife and the park itself is really set up for RV’s and campers too.

We wandered around looking at birds, taking detours down board walks and really just taking our time looking at everything we could see.  Ran into 2 HD riders all in their leathers doing the same thing.  Was pretty funny to watch them hike around are geared up.  They were on a 6 week trip all around the west coast and only 1 week into their own adventure.

Anything that says wildlife I have to check out.  Anything that says bunker, Cheryl has to check out!  😉

A real bunker used for wildlife viewing now

As you can see Cheryl is behind the lens now and she likes to take pictures of me.

We rented a little deluxe cabin for this night as another form of accommodations.  We like to vary where and how we call it a night when traveling.

Gawd, do we look like tacky tourists or what?

Something eery about the coast

Random picture here but just goes to show compression sacks rock.  This is how small we can get our Big Agnes Roxy Ann sleeping bags and the little blue thing is our foam pillow we travel with.  WE love them and they are 3 years old and good to go.  Got them at Canadian Tire.

When we headed out for our last day we started out with decent weather and then this….

But then we got this too….

Heading over the bridge in Astoria

As we head up the west side of the Olympic Peninsula we were faked out by some SUN!

Some wicked twisties as you head north up the Peninsula.  Rt 101 still and at this point the weather was perfect…

Heading to check out the Salt Creek campground near Joyce, WA.  Cheryl decided she did not feel the vibe here so we did not set up camp.  I think the vibe she was feeling was that over night it would pour.

Nice back road we found, narrow, broken and many tight curves

Not sure why anyone would want to hunt these

Heading through Port Angeles to get to Sequim for the night.


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