Last Day for our KLIM Adventure Trip

July 20th 2012

As you will see from the pictures you can tell the last day of our trip to Idaho and back was typical “wet” coast weather.  While riding in temperatures from 12 C to 42 C…basically low 50’s to triple digits in Fahrenheit, we almost had to turn the heat on for the last push.

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3 more Countries joining the Over 1000 View Club

Another big thanks to Sweden, Portugal and Switzerland for checking out our BLOG…we hope you come back and share our BLOG with your friends! 

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Crazy Canuck Riding his 990 Single Track

We met Redick who is from Vancouver at the Klim Rally and watch how he rides his KTM 990 as if it was a tiny dirt bike in some single track in Oregon….oh, and he is built like a redwood himself.  Redick is the one leaning on his bike in the above picture.

Nice guy!


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