Last Day for our KLIM Adventure Trip

July 20th 2012

As you will see from the pictures you can tell the last day of our trip to Idaho and back was typical “wet” coast weather.  While riding in temperatures from 12 C to 42 C…basically low 50’s to triple digits in Fahrenheit, we almost had to turn the heat on for the last push.

We woke up to pissing down rain so I had to move the bikes under the Hotel cover.  Yep we decided to hotel it mainly because our weather apps were saying a wet front was moving in even though ended the day in sun.  Maybe we are getting too old to camp when we know it’s going to rain. I rather not know but if we do well, the credit card comes out.

Being in Sequim we were not far from Port Townsend.  We have taken this ferry now more times than we can count and every time we ride the Port Townsend ferry it looks like the picture above.  However, once we arrived at the terminal the rain decided to stop.  That was a nice surprise because although we timed the ferry correctly it was 30 mins late.

I love taking ferries.  They get you on first ahead of all the cars and off first too.  Anyone who rides a bike knows this.  Right as it began to pour we were on the bikes into a dry loading area.  So, the rain allowed to wait in the dry and then moments before loading the skies opened again.

A chilly 13.5 C or about 57 F out.

B   M   W

FACT:  BMW initially manufactured airplanes/airplane engines. In relation to this, the logo symbolizes a white propeller against a blue sky. 😉

Right before the boat came in.  Port Townsend is a very small port town.  The ferry terminal is small as well and you ride the boat for 35 mins to Coupeville, WA.   Only costs $11 for both bikes one way. 

Not sure what building this is.  We have been past it many times I the name never seems to stick.  Anyone know the name or what Fort this is??

The ferry means once we are on the other side we are only 3 hours away from home.  We hate when trips end. I mean I know we will go away again and again but a part of us just wants to keep going one of these days.  Screw work, the house and head east!

Warm and toasty inside, cold and nasty outside

Glow in the dark KLIM gear 😉

Playing around with the camera.  I actually took about 20 pictures just to annoy Cheryl but she managed to still smile and put up with my antics. 

Very smooth crossing, no worries about the bikes below

Getting ready to head back in the rain but at this point we are ready to go home if we can’t stay out. 

We also have a very elderly cat, rather had an elderly cat, Bo passed away July 26th.  I would always worry that he would die while we were way but he waited.

The guy riding the Harley in front of my bike in this next pictures was riding with leather chaps, fingerless gloves, half helmet and leather jacket. How do guys or grrls ride like that when it’s so wet and cold out?  We rode behind him for about an hour or so.

Just waiting…

There is the Harley dude in front of me! 

There is still is cruising in the rain like us.  At least this part of the ride is still nice.  We ended up taking I5 home once off Whidbey Island. 

My odometer hit 55,555 KM right before the Deception Pass bridge

Deception Bridge is the only way to and from Whidbey Island.  It’s high up there but you really can’t see in this picture but there is a beautiful gorge underneath the bridge

I promise on a nice day this is one beautiful area!

Second to last picture…back to real life heading north on I5 through Bellingham crossing into Canada at the Truck Crossing in Blaine, WA. 

Funny thing happened here.  We have Nexus passes and while there was not a HUGE line up at the border we still went down the Nexus lane.  Cheryl said to me we need to get over to go to the Duty Free Shop.  I said we can’t we are stuck in this lane with cement barriers. 

Before we know we are the border both.  I ask the border guard dude, “Hey, can we turn back we need to go to duty-free?”  He says ‘NO”.  I said “We had no idea we could not get to the duty-free once we committed to this lane.”  He said, “you should know that.”  Well, there are no signs saying once you in you are never to get out until you get to Canada. 

We decided to pull over and see about walking back.  We Canadians like duty-free booze.  We get taxed to DEATH up for “SIN” stuff.

WE met a canine border control guy who is trying to become a RCMP Constable.  He and Cheryl got to talking and after about an hour we forgot about the duty-free and headed home.  So, warning…do not get into the Nexus lane at the Truck Crossing heading into Canada if you want Duty Free.  I told the guards they need to re-route the fast lane. 😉

Starting mileage

Final odometer shot

Final Track – States covered, Washington, Idaho, entered Wyoming for a bit, California & Oregon.

Great to have attended the KLIM Rally, met some nice riders who share our passion and we look forward to planning our next Adventure of a different type..we are getting married next August 2013.

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

6 thoughts on “Last Day for our KLIM Adventure Trip”

  1. I am sorry to hear about your cat. I lost my elderly furry friend a few years ago. 😦
    Thanks for sharing your ride tale.

    1. yep but we are out again Thursday and at least we get to ride about 2500 KM. Short as it may be we are riding and enjoying it. So, instead of one long trip this year we will do a bunch of shorter ones.

      1. Love your idea of a “short trip”. You truly are Adventure Girls.

  2. Long to me is over 12,000 KM 😉 But if you add this trip to Thursday trip that will be a combined 7200 KM so far so we are getting closer…got another trip planned for Sept. Back road riding. About 75% off road for that trip which if we have good weather should be awesome!

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