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Singapore was founded as a British trading colony in 1819. It joined the Malaysian Federation in 1963 but separated two years later and became independent. Singapore subsequently became one of the world’s most prosperous countries with strong international trading links (its port is one of the world’s busiest in terms of tonnage handled) and with per capita GDP equal to that of the leading nations of Western Europe. Continue reading “SINGAPORE HITS over 1000’s Views”

Dramatic Fog Rolls Over High-Rise Condos on the Florida Coastline

Helicopter pilot Mike Schaeffer and Panhandle Helicopter owner JR Hott captured this incredible phenomenon along the coast of Panama City Beach in Florida. When the conditions are just right (a perfect mix of temperature, humidity and winds), a dramatic fog rolls over the high-rise condos located right on the coastline. Apparently this may happen only a handful of times a year. These photos were taken on February 5th, 2012 @ 12:40pm local time. Continue reading “Dramatic Fog Rolls Over High-Rise Condos on the Florida Coastline”

Maintaining Clutch, Brake, Throttle Controls, and Cables

Aug 26, 2012 by

Most motorcycles use cables to connect the twist grip to the carb(s) or throttle bodies; many also use cables for the clutch, cold-start control, and even brakes. Servicing these critical components is fairly simple and prevents problems later. Maintenance intervals vary, and bikes ridden in dust, sand, or mud need extra maintenance. It’s good to at least perform a thorough control service annually; check the owner’s manual for recommendations. Continue reading “Maintaining Clutch, Brake, Throttle Controls, and Cables”

Amazing Water Drop Refractions by Markus Reugels



The Sifter has already featured the amazing work of Markus Reugels, an incredibly talented German photographer that specializes in high-speed and macro photography. His 975-photo Flickr page is a constant source of wonder and inspiration, and I find myself checking in on his latest work often. Much of his photography centers around water drops and the brilliant splashes, reflections and shapes they create.

In his series entitled Refractions, Markus takes high-speed photographs of water droplets as they fall in front of a background image. With amazing timing and persistence, Markus is able to capture the ‘refraction’ of the image inside the droplet of water. The results speak for themselves.

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2012 Honda NC700X Review

The more I see of this bike the more I like….I bet the cost of maintenance is not that much too.  I mean it’s a Honda and although they have not really gone into the ADV market, this bike sure looks like it will see for the street riders who want something practical, not bad looking and great on gas.  Love the faux tank storage area.  Really no need for a tank bag at all.  Is it a 2012? or 2013?

Read our full review here –…

Honda’s taking a risk with the NC700X, hoping it will attract new and returning riders. While its looks are definitely polarizing, its practicality, performance, comfort and value can’t be overlooked.

BeadPro Tire Bead Breaker and Lever Tool Set

I think this is a great idea to assist with tire changing.  IF We end up buying the 2013 BMW F800GS bikes we will need to practice fixing flats.  The 800 has tubed tires versus our F650GS twins, which have tubeless. 

Any thoughts? Has anyone tried these? Waste of money?

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Timelapse – The City Limits

Want some calming in your life for a little over three minutes?  Watch this beautiful time lapse video. Wide screen is best! 🙂

About the maker:

I shot this timelapse montage from late 2010 through early 2011.
One year in the making.

My goal was to show the duality between city and nature.

Locations include :

– Montreal, Quebec, Canada
– Quebec city, Quebec, Canada
– Toronto, Ontario, Canada
– Manhattan, New York, USA
– Chicago, Illinois, USA

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2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!

2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 1.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 2.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 3.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 4.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 5.jpg

2013 BMW Motorcycle Wallpaper

If we bought these bikes we will be fighting over the colors. Which one do you think we both like???? Continue reading “2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!”

Estonia Osprey Nest = Success

I have been watching this live web cam throughout the Osprey season and the adult pair here have done a great job raising three…yes three off spring to the point where they are almost ready to migrate on their own.  Plenty of fish, I am sure hunting skills the female has most likely left my now and the male stays to be their mentor. 

Awesome sight and sounds.  ESTONIA LIVE WEB CAM HERE


Stop and Listen For a Second

People rarely stop and take time to just listen….now is your chance….sit back and relax for a few minutes.  See if you can and RELAX!  I did!

EPIC Electric Violin Street Musician – Song: Secrets One Republic

Nature’s Fury: 30 Chilling Photos of Natural Hazards

Supercell Thunderstorm in Montana – Photograph by Sean Heavey

From violent volcanoes to horrifying hurricanes, Mother Nature’s fury is a sight to behold. With so much human conflict and suffering, we often underestimate the awesome and destructive power of nature. While the science behind these events is utterly fascinating, the consequences can be dire and we must respect the power of the planet we live in. Here are 30 chilling reminders of nature’s fury:


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BMW R7 Motorcycle Wins Best-in-Class at Pebble Beach

The BMW R7 motorcycle won best-in-class in the Motorcycle class at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.
The BMW R7 motorcycle won best-in-class in the Motorcycle class at the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.
One-of-a-kind art deco concept from 1930s honored at world’s most prestigious concours d’elegance
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