Morning Dew at Cottonwood (click the pic)

Cottonwood House, a restored provincial heritage site, is one of the oldest buildings still standing in interior British Columbia.

Constructed on the Cariboo Waggon Road between 1864 and 1865, Cottonwood House served miners and travellers heading to Barkerville and the Cariboo Goldfields. John Boyd acquired this roadhouse in 1874, and the Boyd family operated the roadhouse, as well as a fully operational ranch, until 1951.

In addition to the old guesthouse, structures at the site include a barn, stables, and other outbuildings. There is a gift store, general store and coffee shop with picnic lunches available. You’ll also find an interpretive centre and displays of old farming equipment. In summer, visitors can tour the property with guides in period costumes, or ride a replica stage coach.

Cottonwood used to serve as a telegraph office for the Overland Telepgraph, and some of its poles and wires are still visible. Visiting this wonderfully preserved and restored pioneer farm is an ideal way to start your adventure to Barkerville. You’ll be standing amid surroundings that tangibly present what it was like to live in the Cariboo when the first farms and ranches were being established.

There is a small admission charge to view the house, which is open from May to September. Camping is available at Historic House, provided you are self-contained.

Cottonwood House is situated between the Cottonwood River and Highway 26, 28 km east of Quesnel, and 40 minutes’ driving time from historic Barkerville.

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