Adventure-Spec’s “Road Warriors” 2012

This ADV riding makes ours look like a walk in the park…amazing pics and story!

Posted on August 9, 2012 by Dave

There had been a lot of focus on the outstanding achievements of our sponsored racers this year, with good reason due to their incredible results (Graham Jarvis, Lyndon Poskitt and Stan Watt), so now their various expeditions are in progress we thought we’d switch the focus to our supported Adventure Riders

2012 sees groundbreaking rides in progress from the Husaberg Adventure Team, Sibirsky Extreme and Continental Drift riders.

We post highlights from trips to the Adventure-Spec Facebook page ( ‘like’ us! )


Adventure Motorcyclist extraordaire Walter Colebatch (the man who first put the term on the internet with 1994’s Tokyo to London Project) was the mastermind behind this bold bid to break the World Altitude Record for Motorcycles.

Joined by Lukas Matzinger, Barton Churchill and Sherri Jo Wilkins the team reached their goal on Monday 18th of March and set a new world of 6,361m!


It didn’t end there. Walter and Lukas headed back to Europe, but with an open schedule, a lust for more adventure plus a bike to do it on, Barton set off north to ride his 570 husaberg around South America and back to his home in Montana, USA. Sherri Jo was still on her LONG tour and the two set off on their extended wanderings. Barton is still on the road in Peru, having a bit of a stall in proceedings while his riding buddy gets a flight back to Australia with a broken leg.  Sherri Jo continues her ride in Colombia (

What a great adventure and showing that you can take just about anything on a major trip. The Husaberg FE570 was made to compete at the highest level of World Enduro competition, but seems to be proving amazingly capable as a trans-continental tourer. Husaberg Adventure Team, Barton Churchill, Sherri Jo Wilkins and The Husaberg FE570, WE SALUTE YOU!

(follow Barton’s trip on Facebook


After the triumph of Andes Moto Extreme, Walter Colebatch returned to the UK to prepare for his next ‘big one’. Another epic ride across Far East Asia on a new off-road route from the Ukraine to Magadan.

Accompanied by a number of different riders for different sections of the trip, Walter and old pal Terry Brown would be plotting something new and epic, think of it as the ‘Trans Eurasia Trail’. Now that is a TRAIL RIDE!

The team set off on 12th May and are currently at Tynda in the Amur Ablast region of Russia, part way along the epic ‘BAM Road’.

You can follow their journey at

Sibirsky Extreme – WE SALUTE YOU!


The Continental Drift gang are after the big prize, a trans-global London to Sydney ride including a passing through China and Tibet. Darren Higginson(UK) and David Darcy(Australia) are joined by (Yorkshire Enduro Club head honcho) John Pullan and John Midgley for the trip as far as Kathmandu.

Right now the team are in South Western China enjoying a ride through the high desert of the Karakoram mountain range. We wish them well in their trek towards Lhasa!

Follow their journey at

Continental Drift riders – WE SALUTE YOU!

(PS. good look with all the wacky chinese bureaucracy!)

PS. We’re jealous as well!..


So, who’s got what?

Pretty much all the riders mentioned are using the Klim Badlands Pro suit. Walter is using his 2010 Klim Adventure Rally suit on Sibirsky Extreme (as the gear hadn’t arrived back in the UK from Andes Moto Extreme when he left) and John Pullan is using his Klim Traverse suit. Husaberg Adventure Team used Klim F4 Helmets

Husaberg Adventure Team used Giantloop Coyote‘s, Coyote Dry Bags and Fandango Tankbags. Sibirsky Extreme are using the Adventure-Spec Magadan panniers. Continental Drift are using Giantloop Great Basin‘s and Fandango Tankbags.

Everybody is using a Garmin Montana!

They’ve all got Double Take Mirrors!

Kriega Haul Loops are pretty much standard equipment all round!

Dont every leave home without your Motion Pro Tools!

Continental Drift have MSR Hubba Hubba HP tents

Husaberg Adventure Team and Sibirsky Extreme use Dirt Tricks Ironman Sprockets and DID chains.

Continental Drift and Sibirsky Extreme use Barkbusters Handguards and Continental Ultra Heavy Duty Inner Tubes

Continental Drift use Kriega packs.

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