THANKS….I was away from the computer and came back to see this…

At 1835, today August 19th 2012 we did it….1/2 MILLION views…and I know we sound like a broken record but we do have so say THANK YOU once again.  This hobby has turned into a great diversion from work and a fantastic way to share what we LOVE, bikes, photos, wildlife and just a little about us.  So, here’s to another 500,00 hits and more.  The Blog really started the end of July 2011 but to be honest we had no idea how to do a blog.

The reason this started in a nutshell was when we had a relationship with Triumph Canada, borrowed their Triumph Tiger XC bikes to go to Alaska and back.  Now, the blog has taken its own form and life.  I hope to continue and see the amount of countries visiting grow too.  Presently we have 187 countries who have stopped by.

Feel free to let us know if there should be something on the blog you want, if we are missing anything and of course we love and read every comment!  Love 2012~


  1. Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist says:

    Well done and congratulations.

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