2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!

2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 1.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 2.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 3.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 4.jpg
2013-bmw-f-800-gs-studio-wallpaper 5.jpg

2013 BMW Motorcycle Wallpaper

If we bought these bikes we will be fighting over the colors. Which one do you think we both like????

Just another day at our dealer, Pacific Motosport 

Went today to pick up my bike after getting a 60,000 KM service minus valve inspection (did that at 48,000 KM) and oil change.  We change our own oil and filter.  My bike check out OK except I am a little disturbed to hear that only after 17,000 KM my steering head bearings sound notchy.  That is not really acceptable since I do not beat on the bike and my first bearings lasted until 41,000 KM.  I say defective bearings were installed.  Other than that the bike is great.

While there of course I had to take a look at the 2013 new GS bikes.  Cheryl had to work so I was all alone to just hang out.  I have said before and I will say it again…I seriously could just hang out at a dealer all day looking at the bikes and all the potential buyers.

Cheryl is lucky I did not put a deposit down on 2 F800’s.  While we LOVED the Triumph Tiger XC’s last summer 2011, we do have many of the necessary accessories that would still fit the 2013 bikes.  BMW raised the base price around $400 from last year but you pay for the electronics now which will add another $800.  Making this bike $1200 more and over $3000 more than our F650 twins.  Because we always have to buy 2 of everything we could save some money by buying new BMW’s because of the accessories we have.  Most riders spend about $4000 or more on kitting out their bikes.  

2013-bmw-f-700-gs-studio-wallpaper 1.jpg
2013-bmw-f-700-gs-studio-wallpaper 2.jpg
2013-bmw-f-700-gs-studio-wallpaper 3.jpg
2013-bmw-f-700-gs-studio-wallpaper 4.jpg
2013-bmw-f-700-gs-studio-wallpaper 5.jpg

Dual front brakes now on the 700GS which is again really an 800 cc.  Why oh why does BMW still label their bikes so that the public gets confused????  Why not just make it simple, F800GSA and F800GS.  Add a skid plate and crash bars to the “bigger” 21 inch front wheel version and you have your GSA.  Oiy!

My picture skills were sorely lacking today…must have been talking or just looking around as I snapped these.  😉

2013 F800GS CDN price

As always in the USA their pricing is cheaper.  $800 cheaper base price.  Our Canadian dollar is just about over par with the US yet we pay more like with everything else.  Would love to see our sticker price lower than the USA one day.

Triumph Explorer.  Not selling as good as triumph would like so we hear.  We liked this bike when we took out for a fun demo ride.  But, not enough to want one unless we were given one.  HEY Triumph want to go on another ride with us?  Just kidding, I doubt Triumph will be knocking on our door anytime soon…;-)

The Stelvio is a monster in size yet I can get my feet down on this bike and I am tippy toed on the F800GS.

If all we did was ride on the street we might be interested in this model but to be real, this is bigger and more of a bike than we really need.  Nice though…really nice!

Ahhhhhh, the sport touring class…maybe when we get older!  LOL 😉

So, who knows…maybe we can get a decent trade in for our bikes and we will order 2 2013 F800’s????  Why not?  You can’t take it with you and this has been one hell of year…I think Cheryl and I deserve an engagement gift to one another, what do you think????? Stay tuned as always.

Author: advgrrl

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9 thoughts on “2013 BMW F800 & F700GS – In a showroom near you!”

  1. To be perfectly honnest: keep what you have! The F650 proved to be the better bike in comparison with the F800 on several occasions. The reason that the jumpy and high revin’ F800 is more popular in the Netherlands is that the F650 (and now the F700) is considerd to be a girls bike. You two aren’t helping in tackeling that immage 😉 !

    The F700 is a very conservative, yet logical, fine tuning of the F650. Never change a winning team! An extra disc brake and a few extra hp’s besides some fresh new colours. ABS comes standard but you have to pay extra anyway. There are very few other bikes who can do a better millage than the F650/700. The standard seat s*cks like on all BMW’s, even the more expensive one’s. Corbin, Kahedo, Touratech etc. are in for some good bussiness for years to come.

    The steering head bearings and stator failures are a known problems on the F800 which should be resolved on the new models. I have read that since may 2012 a new type flywheel with bigger airslots is being used to prevent overheating of the stator. For the steering head bearings I would step into the nearest SKF-dealer and measure the original BMW-bearings for some SKF replacement bearings. My 2 pennies 🙂

    1. we are looking because 1 our warranties are almost up…2 we would like more power after riding the Triumphs last year our F650’s lack that but you are right..they are broken in and have done us really well. The other reason is because we “want” new bikes but in reality the timing is not that great. Need to save $$ for the wedding next summer…but then again we can rationalize anything…LOL Great input though..appreciate your comment.

  2. Before deciding, take the F800GS for a spin in the dirt. The power delivery is somewhat more violent on the 800 than on the 700 (this partially explains the nomenclature: the same engine is tuned differently and in the 700 is tamer, as if it had 100 cc less). For some, the capability of turniing the rear wheel loose at will is a bonus and for others, is a liability. So my advice would be to try it riding in a place with technical sections (tight turns, steep grades, etc.), keeping in mind that you have a more agressive power delivery than in your current motorcycles, and see if that suits your riding style or not. You will not have the top end of the Triumph, but you will certainly have more punch with the 800. Being that your warranty is about to expire, it makes sense to think about new motorcycles and I would suggest that you also try, if available around your area, some of the KTMs. The 990 Adventure has the same seat height as the F800GS, handles itself outstandingly well off-road and has very serious power to satisfy the craving left by the Triumph. Looks like a Dakar refugee and also rides like one. After riding one, you can really decide if the change of brands may make sense. Keep us updated.

    1. KTM is an interesting bike in general but to be honest unless KTM wanted us to take their bikes for a ride as grrls on board the 990…I don’t think we would own one. I like the 800cc range for insurance reasons as well as just size. I agree about the power on the 800GS. I have taken one out while the dealer was working on my bike. It really did not feel much different to me because I am used to the snatchy throttle etc.

      The Triumph was so smooth top end and I know BMW does not have that same ability at high speeds but again we are used to it because of the 650 twin we have. I doubt any dealer would let us take the new ’13 out on real dirt roads but I could ask. They are not due in until October from what we hear. The bikes in the showroom are not PDI’ed and not ready to be tested.

  3. I think that the engine in the 2013 F800GS is the same as in the ones from previous years, so perhaps your dealer can help you get in touch with a current owner that may be kind enough to let you test his/her bike. If the owner rides in the dirt, should be able to understand your concern and enjoy introducing you to the 800 as an off-road weapon. Regarding the KTMs, there is now a Duke 690 thumper with 69 hp, extremely light that may be interesting to throw a leg over, in case your nearest dealer may have one available. Whatever you may decide, consider yourself fortunate about this very nice kind of dilemma you are trying to sort. I also enjoy visiting dealers, so take your time and enjoy.

    1. yeah no hurry to be honest but we shall see…many things to weigh in buying anything new. I am not able to ride when on call so the bike has been parked since I rode it home Saturday. Went out this morning to go to work and had a good look at my 650…and felt sad to think I would not want her anymore. LOL I always feel that way when we buy a new vehicle. I guess I don;t embrace change but in the end it’s all good but kind of funny. I feel an attachment to my Beemer.

  4. This kind of attachment is one of the signs of a warm-hearted person. Good for you and for the people around you. May all of them respect this trait, that makes you vulnerable once in a while…

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