2012 Honda NC700X Review

The more I see of this bike the more I like….I bet the cost of maintenance is not that much too.  I mean it’s a Honda and although they have not really gone into the ADV market, this bike sure looks like it will see for the street riders who want something practical, not bad looking and great on gas.  Love the faux tank storage area.  Really no need for a tank bag at all.  Is it a 2012? or 2013?

Read our full review here – http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/honda/2012-honda-nc700x-review-video-9…

Honda’s taking a risk with the NC700X, hoping it will attract new and returning riders. While its looks are definitely polarizing, its practicality, performance, comfort and value can’t be overlooked.


  1. Kelsow says:

    Not a bad bike but it’s not for me.
    I test rode the regular one (none x) and found it cramped for my 6’2″ frame.
    It handles well with very quick steering and the motor pulls great.
    I believe the bike had linked brakes where the front lever works one of the rear pistons and the foot pedal works one of the front brake pistons. Either way the brakes worked great.
    Nice city bike for sure but I wouldn’t/couldn’t ride it for 10-12 hours. (like my bmw)

  2. Kelsow says:

    A bit over 55000 and counting.

    • advgrrls says:

      nice…I just FYI,,,I think we will take the plunge on 2 new 800GS…shhhhhh lol

      • Kelsow says:

        Your secret is safe with me…

        I’ll look forward to all of your posts where ever they may be.


      • vagueante says:

        You think the new 800gs its better than the Tiger? I’ve seen one in black and except the lousy engine noise they look great

      • advgrrls says:

        Not better than the Tiger different. Don’t get me wrong we LOVED the Tigers but for now the Triumph has not added the few things I would like to see on the bike…handlebar controls for one. Plus, in the end BMW has a 3 year warranty and roadside assistance. We like that since we would like to try and keep our bikes for at least three years from now on. Both our warranties are coming up and in the end we have accessories for the Beemers all ready paid for.

  3. 7acesmotolog says:

    My only issue with this incarnation of the bike is that if you want ABS you have to get the auto-transmission. If you want manual shifting … no ABS. I don’t understand the logic there, but it’s a deal breaker for me if I was going to buy this bike.

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