Simple One Down One to Go

Just like that…we are going to be owners of two 2013 BMW F800GS bikes…in a blink of an eye…Why Beemers and not the Triumph Tiger 800XC?  Hmmmm…we have accessories than can transfer from our 650’s to the 800’s.  3 year warranty and to be honest while we LOVED the Tigers, the BMW’s feel more like us right now.  Maybe we made the wrong decision?  Dunno…I mean our dealer sells Triumph’s too. 

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TOURATECH Zega Pro 38L Top Case – Ultimate Urban Motorcycle Accessory

We have been using Jesse Luggage for years now and there have been many times when Cheryl has said…I want try Touratech’s Zega Pro system.  One thing that would concern me if you dump the bikes real good, would the sides of the panniers bend to the point the rim would be effected and the lid would not fit?? Anyone have any experience with my concerns? They sure look the part eh?

Touratech’s 38L Zega Pro Top Case System will transform your favorite motorcycle into an urban utility vehicle.

Quick stops in the city, creative parking, easy access and running errands are made easier with a Zega Pro Top Case System. The ultimate urban accessory, Touratech’s 38L Zega Pro Top Case provides safe and secure storage on the tail of the motorcycle and features a lockable quick release mount that allows the case to be attached to the back of the bike in just seconds. Continue reading “TOURATECH Zega Pro 38L Top Case – Ultimate Urban Motorcycle Accessory”

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