Simple One Down One to Go

Just like that…we are going to be owners of two 2013 BMW F800GS bikes…in a blink of an eye…Why Beemers and not the Triumph Tiger 800XC?  Hmmmm…we have accessories than can transfer from our 650’s to the 800’s.  3 year warranty and to be honest while we LOVED the Tigers, the BMW’s feel more like us right now.  Maybe we made the wrong decision?  Dunno…I mean our dealer sells Triumph’s too. 

So, on to our next adventure…I mean really like we don’t have enough on our plates…work like you all…wedding planning…farkles on the new bikes…who knows what’s up next?

White will be Cheryl’s and mine? On the right in the pic below!

The one on the right!

So, Cheryl’s bike will be all charged up an ready to hit the road for Tuesday when she can go sign papers and ride it home.  She had to work today and could not get down to the dealer to do this paperwork stuff.  You can imagine she was disappointed and wants her White Fluff now!  LOL 

Stayed tuned…we will have I am sure more to report about these bikes!  Man, I love motorcycles! 😉  Thanks Sheldon for being a great sales rep, Patrick the manager, Mark in accessories, Anaz and Rusty at Pacific Motorsports for making spending our money SOOOOOOO easy!  😉 

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29 thoughts on “Simple One Down One to Go”

  1. Are those Michelin Anakee 2s on the bike? If so let me know how they are, I understand they are excellent in the rain and am considering them as replacements for the Pirelli Scorpions on mine when they’re worn out…

      1. Not crazy about the Pirellis mine came with, they are fine in the dry but not the most confidence-inspiring tyres for wet roads, and they are nearly worn out after only 4500 miles…

  2. Hey

    Was that you I saw at pacific today? Thought I recognised you but you looked busy and we were just heading for lunch.

      1. There were 4 of us and we were between the service and sales building. My bike was in for a new tire

  3. I’ve really grown to like my 800 and if I were to buy a new bike tiday I would pick it again over anything else out there especially with the K60s mounted.

      1. Yes I have a 2010 800GS. Wouldn’t it be great experience to mount your own K60s? How else are you going to know what to expect with a flat on the road? 🙂

  4. we are preparing…I have faith I will be a great assistant while out on the road with my technically gift partner…;-) We will work it out..we will have too!

  5. I think it’s the right choice, especially since you can transfer all of your aftermarket accessories over. That stuff is expensive. Plus you’re already familiar with all of your gear too and have tested it out by riding with it.

    1. yep all true…we did think hard about getting the Triumph Tiger 800XC’s but despite having a great time on them last summer we just felt as though the BMW’s were right for us at this point…even though the seat sucks! LOL

  6. CONGRATS!!! I would have said so earlier but was out riding. 😉

    Love the white as much as the brown I think. It would be a tough choice for sure for me.
    I look forward to many RR’s and especially the pictures.

  7. Congratulations on the new bikes and on the blog! Spent the whole morning browsing it! 🙂

    Since you put quite a respectable mileage on the 800XCs and opted for the F800s and I narrowed my options on either one of these two bikes, I thought I’d turn to you for some sensible consumer advice. I’ve already read some of your useful input on why going for the Beemers and not the Triumphs but would you be so kind as to answer a couple of questions?

    1) I plan to do one or two trips per year to places like the Atacama or Patagonia and I understand that for the long motorway sections the Triumph is the better bike but 90% of my usage is urban commuting in heavy traffic – how would you compare the two bikes in this scenario? I mean lane splitting, stop-and-go traffic, tight turns, 3-point turns, urban gas mileage, the whole lot. (I understand you didn’t put a lot of urban miles on those Tigers but, anyway…)

    2) that’s a bit of a personal question: what’s your height? I’m 1.74m and transitioning from custom into DS bikes and admit I’m a bit worried about handling tall beasts like these. The F650GSs you had previously were quite lower, how did you feel about riding the Tigers and now the even taller F800s?

    3) the Beemers fuel tank is under the seat and they also weigh a couple kilos less than the Triumph, how would you say do the bikes handle balance-wise, especially in an urban environment?

    Thanks a lot!

    If you ever come to Brasil and Rio de Janeiro give me a note – beer’s on me 😉

    1. Thanks for checking out our BLOG. I will try to answer your questions.

      Both bikes are great commuter bikes but the Tiger is more comfy using the Triumph gel seat on the road. Many have to buy another saddle for the BMW and like me or get a custom seat made. Not sure about the Triumph stock seat to be honest. Only rode 500KM on it before we got the gel seat upgrade. Gas mileage is better riding the BMW at high revs. Both can lane split as long as you don’t use luggage wider than your handle bars. Just my opinion.

      I have a 30.5 inch in seam, Cheryl 31.5. I had the Triumph seat on low and used the low seat. Cheryl had the low seat on regular height and she was flat footed. I was NOT. After you get used to not have both feet on the ground riding a DS bike it becomes like any other bike. Depends on your comfort zone. I do wish on the F800 I had more footing but that is the way it goes if one wants to ride these bikes and is vertically challenged.

      We commute all the time on the F800GS. We like you only get away a few times a year to really ride these bikes ADV style. We like the gas tank under the seat for off road. Makes the center of gravity lower and the bike feel lighter. Having said that the Triumph with the tank up top took some time getting used to but in the end felt not that top heavy.

      If you don’t completely gear up when riding you will feel more heat from the Tigers engine on your legs in the warmer months. We wear KLIM all the time and hardly noticed the heat on the Tigers and never notice it on the Beemers.

      Since BMW has introduced the new features of ESA and traction control you can adjust the suspension on the F800 for pavement or off road. WE like this new option. BMW’s set up for handle bar controls attracts us. The heated grips are part of the bike versus an after thought. Easy on/off abs set up is smart too. Triumph needs to make it easier for the rider to toggle through the informatics on their bike and also just send the bikes with heated grips from the factory. The HUGE switches for their fog lights and grips looks like Legos.

      So, in the end they are similar yet different bikes. The triple engine is smoother than the twin. The Tiger has a smoother throttle than the BMW which is a bit snatchy. We are very used to the BMW throttle but if you like something more road savvy than I would recommend the Tiger. Up to you…hope this helps. Leslie

      1. Thanks a lot for all the feedback!

        As of now the Triumph seems to have a little headstart but I’ll be testdriving both bikes to make the final decision.

    2. Daniel, I can add a bit about filtering/lane splitting on the F800GS – at first glance it is a large, wide bike but in practice the handlebar height is above most car wing mirrors and below most 4x4s/vans so I find I can filter through traffic more easily than on my previous, much smaller bike (Honda CB600FA Hornet). It’s a bit more tricky with the panniers on because they WILL strike car wing mirrors if you’re not careful. Also on the F800GS (not ridden the Triumph so can’t compare) the castor angle/trail and 21″ front wheel make the bike very stable even when almost stopped which is helpful when tucking in and out of queues of slow moving cars without having to put a foot down.

      1. Damnit, George! Now I’m back wanting the Tiger AND the F800GS 😉 Thanks a lot, nice practical tip.

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