The long way south 6 months solo drive from Canada to Argentina along the pacific coast.

I feel the need to highlight another ADV trip.  We met Guillaume at Pacific Motosports back in July the day he was leaving on his 6 month trip.  Nice guy, got himself a brand new 2012 F800GS that day and seriously after we got done speaking about his lone adventure he was off on day 1. 

I have been checking in on him and his blog.  He will soon be heading to South America for his final leg.  Check him out….we love supporting “fellow” explorers and at the same time a bit envious that so many riders are out there riding while many of us are working….;-)  Meet Guillaume!


What’s your plan?


In Mexico!


The intended route is below and I should cross to the USA around the 15th … or something around that.
Canada itinerary

The route

As of June 2012, the plan is to drive the following route:
  • Start in Vancouver, drive up into Yukon and down into Alberta
  • Cross to the USA into Montana, down to Utah and Arizona
  • Head into Nevada and California
  • Cross the Mexico into Baja California, ferry into Mazaltan
  • – here at some point, learn Spanish !! –
  • Head to Guadalajara then Mexico, then Tapachula
  • Cross Central America via Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama
  • – looking for tips on places to see 🙂 –
  • Fly to Ecuador
  • Drive into Peru, along the cordillera
  • Cross to Bolivia
  • Cross to Chile into the Atacama desert
  • Drive south until Santiago
  • Cross to Argentina
  • Head south to Ushuaia
  • – touchdown –
  • Go back north to Buenos Aires
  • Cross to Brasil at the Iguazu falls
  • Head to Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
  • – end of the journey 🙂 –

The actual plan will very likely differ from it a bit, depending on what happens on the trip and tips and info received from you guys!


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