2013 BMW F800GS Arrives

Preview of tomorrows post! Cheryl’s bike arrives at home! Remember we have 2 bikes for sale…know anyone in our area who must have a 650? 😉

CLICK ME – MOD Skid plate for the 2013 BMW F800GS!

Meet the Crew of Expedition Overland

While at KLIM this summer we met and rode with Ryan and his wife Megan.  They are part of  Expedition Overland

Their VISION:  Expedition Overland is a reality based web series that will follow six overlander’s and their outfitted vehicles through remote places of North America. The desire for exploration and adventure is at the heart of this series. The show will feature our adventures and mishaps as well as our personal insights into our struggles, successes, and experiences. These journey’s will require team work, problem solving, ingenuity, and endurance. The hurdles that are required for such journey’s to be a success will be highlighted through out our series.

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