Farkles for the 2013 BMW F800GS – ask before buying

It appears that BMW may have changed a few things on their new model. As for the frame, that seems to be the same as previous years so things like skid plates, luggage mounts etc should fit. But other accessories other than BMW parts might not fit. ADV Spec crash bars will not fit…so..hmmmm..has the frame changed too?
. ADV Spec has informed me that they believe their bars will fit as the frame seems once again to be the same as previously stated. They are not sure how their originals will look until they test them out on a new 2013. Stay turned!

We have found out this…our BMW hand guards do not fit as is, Touratech also right now do not have guards for this year bike. That would also mean Barkbuster hand guards need to be tweaked. I am waiting to hear back from them directly but one could assume they are running into the same fit issue.

We also learned yesterday after speaking to Joe @ Cee Bailey that our new enhanced shields won’t either. This is what Joe had to say after looking at the new version of the BMW F800 OEM shield.


The pictures explain it all so feel print it out to show your dealer, the lower mounting portion is completely different, for the mean time I think your best option will be to wait and see until this gets dialed in over the next few months. Also feel free to post this anywhere you like as this will save a lot of time and grief for many riders. When the time comes and we have the offering let me know and we’ll work out a special just for you, BTW we’ve updated our listings to reflect the advisory.



Joe Duval
Cee Bailey’s Aircraft Plastics, Inc.
6900 Acco Street
Montebello, CA 90640

Phone: (800) 788-0618 x337
Fax: (323) 721-7888

So, for the accessories not attached to your frames I would ask before buying. We have to send back our shields, which is a bummer and patiently wait for third parties to catch up….good news the MOD skid plate and side stand enlarger obviously fit and so will the AltRider crash guards we are thinking of getting.

We presently have Jesse guards but Jesse will not have stock until end of October and we think we might not want to wait. So heed the warning if you want…call and ask before buying accessories. We will stay on top of this little predicament.

Author: advgrrl

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5 thoughts on “Farkles for the 2013 BMW F800GS – ask before buying”

  1. BMW seem to have tweaked their OEM hand guards to fit with their new switchgear on the 2013… they are pretty robust presuming not much has changed from the 2012 and older version, I’ve managed to scrape mine against the concrete wall I park next to on a number of occasions and they show no wear or scrapes to speak of so far…

      1. No mine is a 2012 Trophy which came with the full OEM hand guards – however looking at some of the hi res photos of the 2013 F800GS it is evident they are the same units but simply tweaked to accommodate the different profile of the new controls/switchgear… I’ve not read many complaints about the durability of the BMW guards, at least no more banter than any of the after market brands!

      2. Yeah the 2012’s won’t fit I think it’s just the end piece and screw as well as bracket. Apparently they are using the same shield etc. subtle changes but enough to throw off our shield as well.

  2. The 2012 Yamaha Tenere Barkbusters will work if you buy the end weights as well. The longer bolt fits perfectly AND the added weight leave me near zero vibration. I have the 2013 F800GS in the Kalamata green. I love this bike.

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