The All New Trophy Motorbike from Triumph Motorcycles Ltd

Starts at $19,999

The all new Triumph Trophy Motorcycle with 1215cc 3-cylinder shaft drive. The Triumph Trophy motorcycle gives you the torque, performance and handling for a sublime riding experience. Choose either the Trophy or the Trophy SE with the addition of electronically adjustable suspension and a sophisticated audio system.


  1. I’m risking posting a slightly inflammatory comment but to my eyes it looks like Triumph have used the BMW R1200RT as the template for this bike… and incorporated some of the design features and tech (namely audio) from the BMW K1600GT/GTL models… After their cracking (and convincing) Tiger range—not to mention their fantastic Speed and Street triples—this is a bit of a disappointment. I would have expected more innovation from Triumph. Thoughts anyone?

    • advgrrls says:

      Yep…looks like a BMW to me…but I guess you get to a point where everyone “borrows” a little from one another to make their brand more diverse…

      • On the other hand, a Goldwing looks like nothing else, many BMWs are, let’s say, polarising (unique) in design and you wouldn’t mistake a Ducati for anything else… there’s still room for fresh design in the market 🙂

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