TWO Simple Accessories

There are few things that when you buy new bikes that you must have as repeat farkles (accessories).  We have a few that we will use again and again as long as we ride DS bikes. 

Fork seal protectors for one…the owner says use sunscreen on the outside…sounds weird but makes sense.  Keeps them from fading and every once in a while you take them off…wash them and use a little WD40 0n the inside and you are good to go.  A lot of riders forget their fork seals when kiting out their bikes.  When off-road little pieces for crud get in there and can make a day of fun riding into a nightmare if one of your seals blow.

We have heard and seen this happen and it’s unexpected and disastrous.  Check out KRIEGA’s WEBSITE


We had a permanent temperature controller on our 650’s.  We will be installing them again on the 800’s.  Both 650’s were sold with this neat little set up and we just received our new controllers in the mail.  Cheryl will most likely install hers this weekend and mine when my bike comes in.  Which I hope is in another few weeks.

So, we have our Jesse luggage mounts that fit perfectly and we can reuse our panniers and top box, we need new hand guards because the 2013 models have changed.  I think we will go with Barkbusters this time around.  Last we had BMW large guards.

We need to wait for Cee Bailey to modify their shield for the new front bracket on the 800.  BMW change that just a bit too.  Both of us really like the look and function of the Cee Bailey 16 inch enhance shield.  We both need risers, most likely rox risers, pivot pegs eventually.  Twisted Throttle is working on a new Aux light mount for our bikes.  They also have to come up with something different as the ’13 does not have a two piece beak and they raised the signals up from the previous years.

After that we are all good.  We all ready have the Denali LED aux lights and harness just waiting to see the best place to install them.  Stay tuned as we get these bikes together. 

Oh, we had the MOD skid plate installed and side stand enlarger at the dealer.  WE will be going with AltRider crash guards.  Again, just waiting for me to get my bike and we will ride down to Seattle to get them installed at AltRider.  There will be tons of pics of course documenting these bikes and who knows where we will end up going.  Hope you ride along!

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