FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS…..not “G” rated

Excuse some language, but you have to read the entire post because this is so true!

Denmark & Japan!

Newest countries to  hit over 1000 unique views!  Thank you Denmark and Japan for having an interest in our BLOG! Denmark (DK) 1,046 Hovedstaden 466 Midtjylland 214 Syddanmark 175 Nordjylland 89 Sjelland 82 N/A 20

Jesse Mounts Check!

One thing that is good about having to remove luggage mounts from a bike is you get the chance to revive them.  A little BBQ paint and they are good as new.  These are Cheryl’s Jesse mounts before she reinstalled them on her 800.  I did the same for my future 800 that should be […]