Cheryl’s Bike


I’m testing out Cheryl’s bike while she sleeps! 😉 Mine will be in by second week of October.  Was shipped from Toronto this past week.  Need to work a week on call and once I am off call I will see if the bike is ready around 13th.


Seems like the folks who ride in humid climates may have gotten their wish!
If you LOVE KLIM like we do we always LOVE reading about their new stuff…we will however, resist buying anything new until all their new gear gets a great work out by others.  One thing about KLIM is sometimes they release new gear without testing it enough.  Seems like a new generation of a released suit is right around the corner.  We found this out with the Latitude Suits we bought.  There were issues for us with the stiffness and the collar.  There is a new Latitude suit released as well and that suit has been out for not even a year.  Still LOVE KLIM, but will sit back before dropping $$$ on anything new.  We ride with our KLIM Traverse suite for now.
New KLIM Adventure Gear Unveiled at INTERMOT
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