Spending an Evening with VANCOUVER, BC

While Cheryl and I do not actually live in the city if Vancouver, we live near enough and I get the “pleasure” of commuting to this city at least a few times of week.  September 29th, 2012 we went on a wedding cruise at sunset and for me, Leslie it was actually the first time I got to see the city from a water view.

Cheryl every year does volunteering downtown Vancouver with the VPD and takes a bunch of kids on a tour of the worst and best parts of the city.  Trying to establish kids who will be leaders in their schools to understand policing and the real life drug problems out there.  Part of the kids tour is getting to ride on the VPD zodiac around the shore of the city. 

Cheryl and her cousin Taylor!

We left the dock at Granville Island.  Very busy market place and huge tourist attraction.

One of the few bridges leading you into the downtown area….this is the Granville Street Bridge.

Non edited version of the top picture.

Many of our bridges are in needs of upgrades.  But from the looks of the underside, when they were built they we built to last!

As the sun was setting we cruised past Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park.  Like NYC’s Central Park equivalent. 

Cheryl’s cousin could not have picked a better night for a wedding to be honest.  HUGE harvest moon, cool but not cold and just gorgeous out!

Lions Gate Bridge takes you to the North Shore and West Vancouver.  Not sure if it still is the longest expansion bridge in North America but either way it is an impressive piece of architecture. 

A little antique editing of the bridge

Just love this shot and yes a bit of tweaking

I did not bring my good camera and used my iPhone for all the pictures.

How often do you get to see the under side of any bridge, no less the Lions Gate?

Great pic of Cheryl, not so much me! 

Cruised around the end of the tip of Stanley Park

The beautiful skyline

In Black and White

After sunset the city lights up tastefully I might add…Canada place, the building with the sails was a highlight and where the torch was displayed for the Winter Olympics in 2010.

remember, using my iPhone 😉

Different angels of Canada Place

Heading back to Granville to end a very pleasurable evening not only at the wedding but for me to get to see where we live from a waters view.  Beautiful BC, and Vancouver.

Harvest MOON!

And finally a good night to the Lions Gate Bridge!

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