Customizing Cheryl’s F800GS

Recycled some old farkles from our BMW 650’s to the new 2013 F800GS…Cheryl’s bike is taking form…waiting still for hand guards from Barkbusters, getting Rox Risers Low pro for both bikes….they are on order…and still wondering which crash bars we will both get.  TBD…researching the new and improved bars coming out for the new fairing.  Jesse Luggage mounts went on just fine and we are both glad to be able to keep the luggage that we started all this ADV riding stuff with.

We are also waiting on Cee Bailey to update their shield for this bike!

Still have to install the permanent Gerbings temperature controller….


First up, the new Super Shark Grip Buddies sent to us by Dave in NY who wants us to test and review.  We all ready LOVE these little covers since we had them on our 650’s.  Even though Cheryl’s bike is brand new we got used to having thicker grips with padding and Dave was so kind to send us his latest version.  Leslie felt the OEM grips to be too skinny and hard compared to these. 

So?  Why wait until the grips wear out…we put them on today and will review them over the next few weeks as we get into colder weather.  One thing they are thicker and I am curious to see how they do with our heated gloves on.  Also, since the K60’s tires are so new the vibration in the front end is a bit more than we are used too.  I have a feeling once we get the hand guards with weighted ends and the new grip covers the vibration as the tires break in will get better.

Dave sends you great instructions, although they take all but 5 mins to put on and a lollipop! 😉

If you are interested in these inexpensive way to cover your grips….tell Dave we sent you!  GRIP BUDDIES!

Next the fork seal protectors by KRIEGA

For $25 you could save yourself a HUGE PITA (pain in the ass).

Had these on the Triumph Tigers were borrowed and on our 650’s.  The owner says spray some sunscreen on the outside to keep them from fading and take them off once in awhile to wash them with soapy water.  The spray a little WD40 on the inside and you are good to go.  Simple yet effective and they look good too!


We took these off the 650’s and because the 2013 frame is the same these fit like a glove. 


Neat little way to try to protect the rear shock, swingarm.

We had to get some new ADV decals too.  For a few bucks we support the ADV Riders Forum when we buy decals from the owner of the site. 

Reflective too

Without Flash

With the flash on

Cool eh?

Finally some poser pics too

Leslie’s bike should be in by the second week of this month and we hope to get away for a few days October 15-18. 

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

12 thoughts on “Customizing Cheryl’s F800GS”

  1. I just installed a set of ‘Beemer Buddies’ before going on a 2000 mi trip. They’re great! I’ve had Carpal Tunnel surgery and these made riding much better. No pain, plus, I was able to attach my ‘Throttle Rockers’ to both grips with no problems. In fact, the rockers don’t seem to creep as much.

    You two have a great project here! Keep it going!

  2. My Kriega fork protectors didn’t last very long. They’re totally falling apart after only about 8 months of use. They’re cheap, so it isn’t a huge deal, but I expected to get a little more time out of them. The 800 is shapin’ up nicely. Exciting!

  3. The bike looks great!
    This might be a silly question but will the Grip Buddies (GB) work on my 2011 Triumph Tiger 800? My grips feel thin so I tend to hold on too tight – do you think the GB’s will help alleviate this problem? Thanks! Maria

      1. Wow congratulations! You plan to arrive at the party on bikes? 😉 Wish you have a lot of fun and good luck for the months ahead organizing it! Now I’m back on the road, in Cusco now and will be in Bolivia some time next week!

  4. Yes the bikes will come with us to the wedding! I saw you are back on the road…congrats and ope your mind and spirit are enjoying your freedom. Question? What shield are you using?

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