Gerbing’s Temperature Install

Just like what we had on our BMW 650’s Cheryl installed her permanent temperature controller today.  Instead of installing the built-in port she decided to go with the plug just hanging outside the faring as you will see in the pictures. 

Centre fairing had to come off

Cheryl has done this two times before tonight…most would cringe drilling a hole into the plastic but it really looks neat and tidy in the end…when we sell the bikes this comes with it… 😉

Perfect size and it needs to be to make it a neat install

Cap on the knob and then she installed the LED…had to take the knob out and then install the LED and then back went in the knob… 😉 Just wanted to make sure it worked before moving forward….

It works and gear warmed up as hoped!

Voila….done…when my bike comes in I might document the install better.  I was preoccupied with being on call for work.

Love the HANDLE BAR controls – one thing Triumph needs to add to their Triumph Tiger 800 bikes!

Better picture of the mudsling

What’s next…whatever comes in! 😉


  1. Garth says:

    Nice install. I put mine up on my dash that i installed this year. I have the dual controller but so far have only used the jacket connection.

    • advgrrls says:

      the location we picked just like our other bikes makes the knob within reach on these bikes. Love the convenience too. We also thought about a dual but both decided that we have made through 3 winters using the single and it worked fine.

  2. Just looking at the pic of the switchgear, I am a bit of a convert to BMW’s odd paddle indicator switches, I think in about 4 year’s time when I move onto a replacement for my F8 that will be the one thing I miss most…

    • advgrrls says:

      but you know what? You get used to the single switch real fast….I really like the paddle switches too but this is what I grew up with and just like riding a horse you sort of forget the paddle and embrace the single lol

  3. Ooh meant to say also – first class job on the power connections for the heated gear!

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