COME Along For the RIDE with US

If you have 10 mins and want to take a ride with us sit back and enjoy this video I made of our BC back country ride this summer…this is only part of the 850 KM we did off road…Between Clinton and Lillooet, BC.

Watch in HD

I am not the best editor but learning….ENJOY your virtual RIDE across some of Beautiful British Columbia.  Sure hope those who read this from far away…get an idea!


  1. Kelsow says:

    Paradise indeed. I don’t need to tell you how lucky you are to be riding there.
    It looks amazing!

  2. Brian says:

    I love it out there.

  3. Dave says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Nicely done. Good job on the video and music.

  4. Wonko the Sane says:

    Thanks for the ride and the tunes, when “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” started, I expected Iz, who was that?

  5. Alberto says:

    nice vid! and I like the ‘new’ ADVgrrls logo 😉

  6. Lovely video! Miss the endless logging roads in BC…

  7. Roelof says:

    Paradise. Me eyes, me eyes! I know you two are doing this on purpose 😉 You’re truly blessed to live in BC. Hmm, how do I get my ass and my Beemer in BC?

  8. Guillaume says:

    Hello girls,

    Now in Southern Chile, will cross to Argentina tomorrow! A quick word to tell you that I just did the 30,000km service in Santiago and changed the front spork oil for something harder. (10W? not sure!) it made a big difference and really helps with that nose dive our bikes are famous for.

    You seem to be pretty up-to-date on these things so you might even have changed your springs, but just in case that’s my two cents!


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