Cute Baby Bears: Born to Be Wild!


Bear, a large, heavily built mammal with shaggy fur and a short tail. Formerly, bears were widely found in the northern forests of Europe, Asia, and North America. Due to intensive clearing of land for farms, they now live only in remote areas, in forests and on mountains. Bears are hunted for their pelts and meat. Unprovoked attacks on humans are rare, but all bears are dangerous when wounded or when their cubs are threatened. Because of their playfulness, bears are popular with visitors at zoos. There are many stories about bears—especially children’s stories, such as the familiar “Three Bears.” Small children often have toy bears, called teddy bears (named after Theodore Roosevelt, who was a noted bear hunter). American Indians regarded bears as supernatural, and some primitive peoples, such as the Ainu of Japan, for example, worshiped bears.

It’s amazing how such a scary and dangerous animal can be soooo cute when it’s small. Here you will see couple of really cute baby bears. I only except from you is one big awwwwww icon smile Cute Baby Bears: Born to Be Wild!

Cute Baby Bears 17 Cute Baby Bears: Born to Be Wild!

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