Which means almost Bald Eagle season by the spawning stream, called Kanaka Creek by our house.  Salmon are here and shortly after usually about 20-30 eagles hang out to feed on the dying salmon.  A small spawning stream runs by our house. 

Not too far away is a place called Chehalis-Harrison Estuary. This is where at times you can see over 7000 Bald Eagles at a time enjoying a free meal of Salmon between end of Oct through Dec.  We are known for our Bald Eagles this time of year and it truly is an amazing sight to see.  I hope to get out there this year with camera in hand.

Short video of the local salmon trap where they count the fish each year.  Continue reading “SALMON TIME!”

Japan & Malaysia Hit 1000 Unique views

Two new countries to view this blog over 1000 unique times.  Thanks JAPAN and MALAYSIA!

Japan (JP) 1,098
Tokyo 280
Kanagawa 130
Wakayama 85
Osaka 61
Aichi 48
Hyogo 42
Ibaraki 41
Gumma 39
Chiba 37
Saitama 35
Fukuoka 25
Okinawa 23
Kyoto 18
Hokkaido 17
Yamaguchi 16
Hiroshima 14
Shizuoka 14
Tochigi 11
Okayama 9
Gifu 9
Mie 9
Miyagi 8
Nagano 8
Tokushima 7
Kumamoto 7
Fukui 6
Nara 6
Shiga 5
Ehime 5
Fukushima 5
Ishikawa 4
Nagasaki 4
Akita 4
Toyama 4
Aomori 3
Yamagata 2
Niigata 2
Kagoshima 2
Saga 2
Yamanashi 2
Kagawa 2
Kochi 1
Iwate 1
Tottori 1
Oita 1
Shimane 1
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Is There Anything Cuter Than This?

Animals are lovable and we all love to watch their funny actions. The more we see, the more we would like to see them because they are the most adorable ones on earth. Here are some of the lovely pictures of these wonderful animals.

Adorable Animal Pictures

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