Quick post because since we are so public with our motorcycle lives, trips and oh just about everything…I feel the need to make one post about WHY we bought BMW’s versus Triumph’s.  This will be my only post as I really do not feel the need to overly justify how we spend our money.  But since receiving quite a few emails, messages etc saying our credibility is in question about how I express my opinions and reviews I feel the need.

For those who are not aware in the summer of 2011 we rode two Triumph Tiger 800XC bike to Alaska and back…compliments of Triumph Canada.  We reviewed the bikes and LOVED them.  Here is the review…


We still think the same way about the Tigers but this is what we have to say about the new 2013 BMW F800GS after someone asked why we went from the 650’s to the 800’s.

above is the link to our RR to Alaska in 2011

yep you are correct. My bike had 60,000KM on it and Cheryl’s almost 50 thousand. Warranties coming up too. PLUS, it was time for new bikes for us and we gave each other an 800 for an engagement gift. We went to the 800 because last summer we were able to ride the new Triumph Tiger 800XC for 44 days. Gave them back. We loved that bike minus a few pet peeves. When this bike came out we were not too impressed with the lack of attention to the seat and it not being adjustable like the Triumph’s. But also did not really pay attention to the ESA. When I learned more about ESA in the theory the BMW became pretty interesting to us again. We also love our luggage and would be able to transfer the mounts into the new Beemers.

So, in the end the ESA for us is doing the trick on the road for road comfort. We like the 21 inch front and the wider handle bars and longer stance. We are not hard core off road riders but wanted better suspension too. So, we bought the 800’s. I am getting a custom seat made right now and included is a gel pad. So, if the seat comes out as comfy as I hope then we have a road savvy bike with definite off road handling. Best of both worlds. How is that for an answer?

I have received many “I am disappointed” emails and private messages that we did not buy Triumphs. Some even have gone as far to say my credibility has been questioned about my review of the Tigers. I say it’s our money, BMW has done some cool things on this bike, and we still think the world of the Tigers but like I said above BMW made some smart improvements.

So, that’s it…the one thing we bragged about with the Triumph’s was the street comfort…although I do not have my custom seat yet, even with the stock low BMW seat this bike feels way more street comfortable than previous years. Ok, enough said.

Everyone should go out and ENJOY whatever you ride and all the Tiger owners out there…you have a great bike!

Nice picture of the Tiger eh?  Man we have to get the Beemers up to Alaska one day!  What a trip that was!  😉

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

31 thoughts on “Some are DISAPPOINTED in US!”

  1. You have to buy the right bike for YOU, not anyone else, they’re not the one riding it ! We all like different things for different reasons. I love the motorcycle community, every one has been so supportive and welcoming (I have been riding for 12 months) , and I absolutely ‘get’ brand loyalty and that people simply have their favourites and preferences. However, one thing I have struggled with is just how critical people can be of others choices, and openly denigrate someone else’s bike. I’ve witnessed it and experienced it first hand on a number of occasions. I wouldn’t tell someone I thought their house was ugly or hated their wallpaper, I wouldn’t say that their dog looked stupid, so why have a go at my choice of bike?! And for the record, I have a Tiger 800. I love it and wouldn’t change a thing about it. But that’s my choice ! I just love that others choose to ride bikes, no matter what make or model. I also love that people like you, Cheryl and Leslie, will share your experiences with us, you’re also great role models for other female bikers. Your bikes are fantastic, I’m sure you will have many fabulous adventures on them.

    1. WOW…well said and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great to hear another grrl is on a ADV bike. Hope you enjoy your Tiger as much as we just LOVE to ride, Thanks for your kind comment!

  2. I personally don’t think you need to justify anything.

    You give honest reviews about products you buy (or borrow) and calls it like you sees it. Can’t get any more honest than that.

    Besides, didn’t you try to buy these machines after your trip?

  3. Tell them to “get their own life”, no justification required. Of course, as a BMW owner, I am biased, as we all are.

    1. I know we do not need to justify but as someone said we are public in our opinions and what we do so this is post…a little reasoning and that is it. 😉

  4. There always seems to be the two-camp thing going on… Ford vs GM, Honda vs Toyota, BMW vs Mercedes, Mac vs PC, cat people vs dog people, loo roll folders vs scrunchers, Michelin vs Pirelli etc etc…

    At best it’s a bit of banter, at worst it’s full on nastiness. At the end of the day (and referring to brands in specific) pretty much anything in 2012 is going to be a bloody good bit of engineering, yet there are a vocal few who are compelled to bash others who aren’t in their camp… I don’t know very many people that go out and spend 5 figures on something they haven’t given thorough consideration to, so the ‘your choice sucks’ comments run all the more deeply. We should be grateful that we have variety and choice since this ensures competition and provokes innovation.

    Would these people say the same things to someone’s face in person? It’s easy for people to sit anonymously behind their keyboards and stroke their own egos by putting others down via their finely crafted online personas…

    Sorry you felt the need to have to justify yourselves… I love reading your posts and that sentiment is independent from your choice of motorbike – glad you’ve found bikes that work best for you or you may never have started your blog in the first place!

    (I’ve been told I ramble on sometimes, sorry for that…)

    1. I love your rambling…and I felt the need to post something because of how public we are in the sense we have this blog and I just post what I believe and think. In no way have I trashed the Tiger it’s just it appears many bought because of our ride. That is not a bad thing. People change, bikes change etc…and my point was that we bragged about the level of street comfort the Tigers gave us on our trip…now we can say as riders of both the ’13 BMW F8 and ’12 T8 we can make a very informed decision.

      Actually more informed than the average bike owner. Who gets to take a demo ride for 44 days and then own another bike to compare? So, in the end all Tiger owners should LOVE their bikes, they bought a great product and as for us…we think BMW has made a bike that meets most of our needs without so many pet peeves. Thanks again for your comment! We appreciate your insight.

  5. I can’t add anything more than the great comments posted already. Keep up the good work. Those that appreciate your blog and your opinions are in the majority.

  6. Reblogged this on Cheryl & Leslie's Motorcycle Adventures and commented:

    one more time to answer the peanut gallery…We have over 7000km’s on our BMW F8’s and so far, mileage getting better, comfort great even with stock low seat, great off road, nice to look at and we still have farkles to install. Happy with our choice and dealer,,,Pacific Motosports in Richmond, BC, ADV friendly and knowledgeable.

  7. Others have said for more in a much greater fashion than I can. I am just glad to hear people enjoying their rides be it a BMW, Triumph, or a Vespa:)

    Where do people come off being disappointed? It’s your money and ride!!!

    Anyways, Thanks for being so public on the blog! Your ride on the Triumphs inspired me to try a segment of the motorcycle world I never thought I would and guess what?? I ended up on a BMW also! Guess they can be disappointed in me too!

    Ride on!

  8. That’s too funny! If anybody knows anything about Bikes and Trips, etc. It’s you two. Every Bike has it’s pros and cons. Creditability is truthfully speaking one’s mind. You two would bad Politicians, be cause you honestly speak your minds.

  9. I for one, appreciate your honesty girls and you were kind enough to respond to a private message I sent you long ago on this very subject. In 20 years of riding Ive learnt that every single bike is a compromise somewhere. There is no such thing as a one bike does all. Where I live in the UK there are virtually no public offroad tracks or trails within a two hour ride. An off road bike ain’t much use to me for daily commuting, sunday afternoon hooning and going on long trips to Europe. I have the Tiger road bike and I love it for these purposes. Ladies, if I was lucky enough to live where you do with all those lovely tracks and trails, my beloved Tiger road bike would be about as good as a chocolate teapot! (trust me, Ive tried it out on the Stella Alpina this summer) I’d also need to give consideration to the tyres. Im not one of those amazing people who is prepared to carry spare knobblies and swap them when I come across some trails. Even dual purpose tires arent good when it comes to the very sticky mud. Also, I dont have the upper body strength of a twenty stone bloke for picking up a heavy bike, or manoevering it around or over tricky off road obstacles. There’s ‘horses for courses’ my dears! Happy riding, whatever or wherever you’re riding.

  10. I want to see more travel adventures on your site its not about what you ride its about the places you go ! there are many good ADV bikes out there these people who make these comments are primadona in there own little world… Triumph and BMW make the best bikes in the world in my mind but that is my view, but I still like looking at the competition,s products chin up lady,s more adventures are awaiting..

    1. Agree. This was a post from way back but I seem to be getting more emails. We want more bike adventures and this year has been full of career moves and the wedding. We are getting away for 3 nights, leaving Sunday. I hope that next year we can get a big trip together. I especially need one. Thanks for your comment as always.

  11. Hello girls,

    Congratulations on your trip to Alaska and thank you for the detailed ride report. I’m looking forward to upgrading my 250cc brazilian mini version of the Ténéré. It’s actually pretty similar to the XT-250 with some creature comforts.

    I’m a fond of adventure touring, but quite frankly I ride mostly tarmac and with some occasional fire roads (or unpaved roads), mostly with a pillion. This last month my brother in law followed us in his Honda “599” (CB 600F Hornet) on such fire roads, and although it was kinda tricky, he managed to go through it all. This makes me wonder how far the “offroad-ability” is important for me, since I’ll be riding slow with a pillion in most of the “off road” situations anyway.

    In short, I would like to ask if it’s possible to have a comparison between the Tiger 800XC and the 2013 F800 GS with ESA. The person with the most ability to give an honest opinion between those two bikes on and off the road are you two. Is it possible to have this sort of comparison? Thank you very much in advance!

    Best regards,

    1. I will be posting our 1 year review of the 2013 F800GS and will make comparisons with the 800XC. Remember these will be just my opinions and I don’t claim to be an expert technician and/or rider. But I can say we ride and I know what I know. Thanks for your kind comments and keep an eye out for my review. I hope to have it together by next weekend.

      1. Wow, what a quick reply! Thank you very much for your efforts on sharing all these wonderful photos, information and experiences! I wish you a great everything! =)

        Ride safe,

      2. Hey there grrls,

        How are you doing? Do you still pretend to publish that 1-year review of the F800 GS and comparing it to the Tiger 800 XC? I suggest you link it at the top menu under “BMW”, just like you did with the Tiger!

        Thank you again for the very informative blog, and I hope you have a nice week!

        Ride safe,

      3. Yes I still intend to write it. Just been on call for work a lot lately and working more hours than one should. But thanks for reminding me..I have 2 days off call now then back on for another 8 days. I will try to fit it in soon. L

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