New Pricing for BMW Buyers Down Under

What gives?  No break for North America?  These are decent price drops for the Southern hemisphere.



  • Price reductions across the model line-up
  • New 3asy Ride finance packages available
  • Australia’s first-ever guaranteed future resale value offering ‘BMW Full Circle’

BMW Motorrad Australia has opened the summer riding season with revised pricing across its range of BMW road and adventure motorcycles.

Effective 1 October, the new pricelist sees price reductions across the range together with new financing options and, for the first time, a guaranteed future resale value programme.

BMW Motorrad General Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Tony Sesto said BMW Motorrad is enjoying global success off the back of its new models and that new price reductions would make the brand even more competitive in Australia and New Zealand.

“Following highly-successful sales promotions of recent months we are happy to announce that we will continue this fantastic pricing on an on-going basis,” said Mr. Sesto.

Some of the biggest savings from the price revision are on BMW’s highly-popular GS range. The entry price to the badge has dropped by $2,000 on the LAMS approved G 650 GS. At the top of the range, the iconic R 1200 GS has been reduced by $2,475.

BMW road motorcycle customers can also expect considerable price reductions with the K 1300 R reduced by $3,760.

In addition to the pricing revision, BMW Motorrad is offering a range of new financing packages including the option to guarantee the future re-sale value of the motorcycle.

Option 1

BMW’s guaranteed future value programme, known as BMW Full Circle, is a first-of-its-kind financing option which allows the owner to guarantee the future resale value of the motorcycle at the end of the finance contract.

Option 2

Customers can also choose to finance their purchase with deferred payments for three months.

Option 3

Additionally, BMW Rider equipment and accessories can now also be included in the finance of BMW motorcycles.

Mr. Sesto said that the combination of lower prices and BMW 3asy Ride packages means there has never been a better time to buy a BMW.

“Our new award-winning motorcycles have proven to be standout performers in their class in terms of value and performance and new finance offerings such as BMW Full Circle prove the confidence we have in their future resale values,” said Mr Sesto.

Price re- alignments include:

  • G 650 GS                      -$2,000
  • G 650 GS Sertao         -$2,310
  • F 650 GS                      -$2,665
  • F 800 GS                      -$2,065
  • F 800 R                         -$1,390
  • R 1200 R                      -$1,080
  • R 1200 GS                   -$2,475
  • R 1200 GS ADV         -$5,000
  • R 1200 RT                   -$2,500
  • K 1300 R                     -$3,760
  • K 1300 S                     -$2,400

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

4 thoughts on “New Pricing for BMW Buyers Down Under”

    1. just add the discounts and that should be the original pricing…their bikes are more $$ in general down there but this is huge for wanna be owners…

  1. In Portugal BMW, has been in tha last year giving great discounts in all GS models, and offering the 3asy ride with good options.

    example: In the months prior of the announcement of the new F8 and F700gs, the prices went down and they added the ABS and top case free.

  2. Lots of reasons behind this I think. Purchase prices are much higher down here due to import duties and governement taxes, a tiny market compared to North America or Europe, and BMW are struggling for sales. The days when a GS was the only real choice for an adventure bike are long gone, competition from Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, KTM etc has taken it’s toll.

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