Touratech Bike Build – 2013 BMW F800GS

TT Version of Cheryl’s 2013 BMW F800GS….such a nice looking bike eh? But look at their prices especially for the crash bars upper and lower!  I have an issue with TT using a clamp for the upper cage….anyone else?

Shortly after it was unveiled, Touratech-USA made arrangements to take early delivery of an Alpine White F800GS. The team has installed an assortment of adventure accessories which turned our updated F800GS into the ultimate adventure motorcycle.

“The Touratech accessories we’ve installed on our new F800GS, including the Zega Pro pannier system, tinted windscreen and new Expedition Skid Plate, allowed us to take a good motorcycle and make it a great motorcycle for long-distance adventure touring.”

Paul Guillien, General Manager, Touratech-USA

Additionally, Touratech-USA’s General Manager, Paul Guillien, spent a few days testing both the bike and the accessories they installed, including the new Expedition Skid Plate, Works Footpegs and Upper Crash Bars and more.

Here are the ADV accessory highlights from our 2013 BMW F800GS Bike Build:

Expedition Skid Plate – $329.95

Made of 4mm thick aluminum alloy, Touratech’s Expedition Skid Plate is designed to provide maximum protection from hard hits on rocks, stumps, or bottoming the bike off-road.  The folded ridges give the aluminum material the highest level of rigidity while also keeping the most ground clearance possible for this adventure machine.

The F800GS skid plate is mounted using six attachment points on a stainless steel base plate.  This thick base-plate is engineered to distribute the load of an impact over a larger area of the engine.

Two plastic sliders, which are attached to the underside of the skid plate, prevent mud and dirt buildup and protect the mounting bolt heads from impact. The plastic sliders which are removable, look great and help the big bike slide over rocks and stumps when riding off road.

This skid plate is also designed to protect the BMW F800GS’ vulnerable front-mounted oil filter and cooler. It extends upward in the front to provide full coverage to these two vital components, offering protection from rock and debris impacts from the front tire.

Expedition Crash Bars – $275.95

The parallel-twin engine is the heart of the BMW F800GS or F700GS.  The new Expedition Crash Bars from Touratech give it the protection it deserves. The design and engineering team at Touratech put countless hours of design, development, and real-life testing into the Expedition crash bars to ensure they are the strongest, longest lasting, and best looking F800GS protection bars on the market.

Made of heavy duty one-inch diameter stainless steel tubing, these bars maintain the slender profile of the BMW GS while still providing the critical protection.  All mounting points are specially engineered to absorb or divert the impact force away from the vital parts of your motorcycle’s engine and frame.

Upper Crash Bars – $294.50

Touratech Upper Crash Bars offer the most protection for the BMW F800GS or F700GS because they are designed to take the impact of a fall and transfer the forces effectively around the motorcycle.

Fairing, radiator, and front fork repair is expensive and can put an end to a great trip. Touratech’s upper crash bars give the F800GS or F700GS the protection it needs to go the distance.

The heavy-duty one inch stainless steel tubing and tig welded construction offers superior strength and maximum protection. These stainless steel upper crash bars won’t rust and will remain corrosion free and looking great on even the most serious adventure expedition. Additionally, the crash bars fit both the stock BMW engine crash bars and the Touratech Expedition Crash Bars.

Touratech Smoked Windscreen – $221.70

The Touratech windscreen is much bigger than stock and has an aerodynamic shape. The improved wind protection reduces the (wind) pressure on the rider, which results in more relaxed riding. Turbulence around the helmet is minimized and protection against the weather improved. The Touratech Smoked Windscreen is approximately 14″ tall from top of main headlight and 14.5″ wide at widest point.

Quick-Release Stainless Steel Headlight Guard – $122.60

The Touratech quick-release headlight guard provides rugged protection for the BMW F800GS and F650GS twin, while allowing the rider to quickly remove the guard for cleaning of dust and dirt which will keep the headlight beam bright.

Touratech headlight guards are laser cut from the highest quality stainless steel, then powder-coated black for a tough and good looking finish. The grid pattern of the headlight guard allows ample light to pass through, but not the large rocks and debris thrown by passing riders or cars. The stainless steel construction is strong enough to withstand the hardest hits and save you from costly repairs to the expensive headlight assembly.

Adjustable Gear Lever – $65.50

Ideal when using adjustable footpegs or if the original lever simply doesn’t fit your boot, Touratech’s Adjustable Gear Lever adjusts from 12 cm to 18 cm in 10-mm increments. It also has a folding tip which prevents damage from falls and drops. If shaft of the shift lever ever does get bent, the mild steel is very easy to straighten again.

Touratech Works Footpegs – $196.30

A wide platform, good grip, and high ground clearance make the Works footpeg a great choice for both street and off road touring on the BMW GS model motorcycle. The serrated claw design of the peg has plenty of grip for off-road riding, but the teeth are rounded on top so they won’t tear up nice touring boots. The 52mm (2 inch) wide peg offer stability when standing up on the pegs and support when sitting down on the street. The open design of the pegs allows clay, mud, and rocks to fall through, maintaining traction no matter what the weather or terrain.

The low profile design of the pegs allow more ground clearance than most other aftermarket footpegs. The chamfered bottom edge will provide more clearance for ruts, rocks and stumps when riding off road.  Their bright stainless steel finish with laser inscription will stay looking nice for as long as they’re mounted on the GS.

Rear Muffler Shield – $94.70

The stock BMW F800GS has no protection for the rear exhaust muffler, so Touratech developed a shield for the rear muffler on both the F800GS and F650GS Twin. The guard protects the most conspicuous part of the exhaust system against the scratches and dents that can be caused by stones or falls. The muffler shield is made of laser-cut anodized aluminum, which means it is both light and durable.

Zega Pro Panniers Systems – $1195.95 – $1412.70

The legendary Zega panniers have provided secure dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The engineers at Touratech have retained the proven mounting design and rugged construction while enhancing the looks and features for the next generation Zega Pro. For starters, the Zega Pro features a revolutionary dual purpose latch that also functions as a hinge and is available with optional key locks.

The body and removable lid feature rounded lines with rugged corner protection that is easily replaceable. Low profile anchor loops provide a flat surface that makes the pannier a good seat at the campfire. Crafted using 1.5mm thick aluminum with a combination of welded and stainless steel rivet construction.

Zega Pro Top Case Systems – $653.10 – $767.60

The ultimate urban accessory, Touratech’s Zega Pro Top Case provides safe and secure storage on the tail of the motorcycle and features a lockable quick release mount that allows the case to be attached to the back of the bike in just seconds.

Precision crafted from lightweight and durable aluminum, the Zega Pro Top Case sets the bar high with a quality build and clean finish. The hinges and latch are constructed from laser-cut stainless steel for maximum strength and durability. Additionally, the cases can be equipped with a key lock for maximum security.

The Zega Pro Top case is available in raw aluminum, anodized black or anodized silver finish. Zega Pro top cases mount to a stainless steel top case rack which is designed to bolt directly to the back of the bike.

To see the full product line for the F800GS go to

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5 thoughts on “Touratech Bike Build – 2013 BMW F800GS”

  1. Leslie Sofarelli ‏@LSofarelli
    Touratech Bike Build – 2013 BMW F800GS
    Retweeted by Touratech-USA


    TT used to be the only place to get good quality aftermarket accessories.
    Now there is an endless supply and choices available. The only TT piece I own was bought used.

    However, it does look pretty good.

    1. looks good but the crash cage is what I am calling it is over $500 and attached to their all ready lower bars by clamps. Hmmmm..and I agree many awesome 3rd party companies out there that offer great accessories too

  2. I think the upper crash bar is a bit of overkill. 1 inch stainless? and it looks overbuilt like a stock car roll cage.

    The rest is typically TT overpriced but I am sure the quality and after sales support is top notch. Like you say there are lots of options for farkles, but for some TT is the ultimate and only that will do.

    1. Lets see. MOD makes great skid plates and the I think the best side stand enlarger on the market. Our AltRider bars are top notch with what I hope great coverage. To be determined eventually. 😉 luggage tons if choices for around the same price or cheaper, windshield I wonder about theirs as we are trying to be patient and wait for cee bailey. Hand guards look like VPD Barkbusters and they are nice but would interfere with the CB shield if we go that route again. Their F800 tank bag is nice but over $320.

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