194th Country to Visit Our BLOG – Welcome Mali Population: 14,533,511

The Sudanese Republic and Senegal became independent of France in 1960 as the Mali Federation. When Senegal withdrew after only a few months, what formerly made up the Sudanese Republic was renamed Mali. Rule by dictatorship was brought to a close in 1991 by a military coup that ushered in a period of democratic rule. President Alpha KONARE won Mali’s first two democratic presidential elections in 1992 and 1997. In keeping with Mali’s two-term constitutional limit, he stepped down in 2002 and was succeeded by Amadou TOURE, who was elected to a second term in 2007 elections that were widely judged to be free and fair. A military coup overthrew the government in March 2012, claiming that the government had not adequately supported the Malian army’s fight against an advancing Tuareg-led rebellion in the north. Heavy international pressure forced coup leaders to accelerate the transition back to democratic rule and, to that end, Dioncounda TRAORE was installed as interim president on 12 April 2012. Continue reading “194th Country to Visit Our BLOG – Welcome Mali Population: 14,533,511”

Malaysia another Country to hit over 1000 UNIQUE views! Thanks!

Malaysia 1,010 13 minutes ago
  Region Unique Visitors Last New Visitor
30.1. Kuala Lumpur 479 13 minutes ago
30.2. Selangor 226 10 hours ago
30.3. Pulau Pinang 83 November 4, 2012
30.4. Johor 37 12 hours ago
30.5. Sabah 32 7 hours ago
30.6. Sarawak 31 November 2, 2012
30.7. Perak 22 October 27, 2012
30.8. Terengganu 22 September 30, 2012
30.9. Negeri Sembilan 18 October 28, 2012
30.10. Melaka 17 October 26, 2012
30.11. Kedah 16 October 15, 2012
30.12. Pahang 9 October 29, 2012
30.13. Kelantan 7 November 3, 2012
30.14. Perlis 1 July 24, 2012
Unknown 10 October 26, 2012
14 out of 16 regions collected. Since December 20, 2011

A Break From Our Regular Programming!

B.C. gay and lesbian Mounties featured in RCMP ‘It Gets

Better’ video – THIS is WHY Cheryl & the RCMP Made

this VIDEO.

CLICK here to actually see Cheryl being interviewed!

Our BLOG post of cute puppies has gone wild over the last week….and now I would like to try and draw some attention to this video that the RCMP has released and Cheryl had a lot to do with…I hope every hit to our BLOG will at least take a peek at this video because it took a lot of guts for these RCMP members and others to get their experiences on film.

Seems like most media outlets have or are trying to get interviews with the RCMP and Cheryl.  I would love to see The Ellen Show get interested in this video for the sake of the youth.  Would be great to know this video will save a few lives out there, be used in classrooms all over the globe to show role models and that “It Does Get Better”. 


Continue reading “A Break From Our Regular Programming!”

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