2013 F800GS Late Fall Ride

More eagles today at Harrison Mills, BC.  More dead salmon, got to ride my bike for fun…some sun, some rain but in the end a good day and great day to turn the heat on.  Thanks to my heated liner and gloves! Preview of my post coming up! Click the pics for higher resolution

Harrison Mills

Thousands of eagles come here to BC and have a feeding frenzy on the dead salmon who have spawned. Hard to get a close up with my iPhone. The gray skies don’t help either. A bird watchers paradise!

Baby Hummingbird Nest

SOURCE: KOMAR.ORG If you go to this site you can see the larger versions of all pictures!  Highly recommend These are the most AMAZING photos of a mother Hummingbird and her babies I have ever seen!  Fantastic! The videos are even better!!!! After having nesting house finches with 5 babies on my front door, a […]