Forma Adventure Boots

We love gear and as we ride more and more we tend to stick with what we think works.  When it comes to boots, we wear Alpinestars Scouts and they have been great to us in all-weather.

Having said that we are never close minded to new gear that comes out.  I have been eye balling these boots for a while and may in the end try them out as our Scouts start to wear.  If anyone has wears the Forma ADV boot please feel free to let us know who you like or dislike them.  Especially focusing on the H20 proofness and comfort.


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The Forma Adventure Boots are one of our favorite Adventure Touring and Dual Sport boots. Adventures have more support at the ankle, and are taller than other ADV boots we have, at 13.25″. Yet, they are softer in the midsole (the exact opposite of the Gaerne Balance Oiled…), and lighter in weight (2.86 lbs for size 11s) and thus also easy to walk in. They are super comfortable, with a nice, wide fit.

Details…..Adventures have plastic toe protectors on BOTH sides.Buckles are easy to use, even with gear on. They will accept MX style knee / shin guards.
Soles are molded on, and are MUCH grippier than most ADV boots, easier to walk on wet stuff, etc. Under pants, they almost look like hiking boots. Most important, they are made in Europe, and their quality reflects this.FIT: As always, we recommend you survey 3 – 4 pairs of your casual, athletic, or hiking shoes (not moto boots) for the EU SIZE (not US size, and get an average. Forma Adventures run wide, but not long.Note: We have a video review of these on the “Videos” tab just above this. But here is part 2:

BOMBER Recommended.

• Full-grain oiled Nubuck leather upper
• Waterproof and breathable Forma Drytex lining
• Lugged double density anti slippery/oil resistant sole
• Injection moulded plastic shin plate
• Plastic gear pad protection
• Adjustable velcro closure
• Replaceable/adjustable plastic buckles
• Shin and ankle TPU moulded plastic protections
• Ankle reinforcements
• Special stiff nylon midsole
• Extra soft polymer padding with memory foam
• Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

8 thoughts on “Forma Adventure Boots”

  1. I bought a pair of the brown dualsport/adventure boots about 2 years ago and have been 100% pleased with them.
    Lots of support, great traction and incredibly comfortable from day one.
    The only thing these are lacking is waterproofness, but I knew that going in.

    I would buy again, if these wear out.

      1. When I bought mine 2 years ago, they were at least a year old.
        I don’t believe they were advertised as waterproof. Maybe these new ones are?
        Not sure.
        I can ride through a brook or stream and my feet won’t get wet but if I ride in a downpour for an hour, they will.

  2. Hey ladies. I have not worn them. But I have a friend who wanted the Scouts (but could not get them in AUS), so going on reviews he went for the Formas.
    Leaked first day out as he rode home interstate in a storm. It leaked through the toe pads. This is where he then ran into issues.
    The shop we bought them through do not normally stock, but dealt with the Rep, so we have ordered them especially. The Rep was great when we advised her of the issue. The problem was the Distributor management. They informed us that would not replace or refund. When told that the boots leaked on day 1, they advised us that the boots were “Water Resistant” to allow breathability, and were not in fact “Water Proof” as this would not allow the breathability.

    This ran counter to EVERY official write up, promo, product description and review on the interweb. It took alot of pushing before they refunded the purchase. It may have been a one of pair of boots, but the aftersales was what truly ruined the brand.

    “I” would not buy a pair.


    1. real life testimony I find to be the truth. Thanks for the review. Boot companies have to start really appreciating the power of the NET because we are indeed happy with the Scouts, know they are H20 proof and can get hot in the summer. But in the end the Alpinestars are a great boot that I wear almost all year round.

  3. I purchased the Forma GT adventure boot last summer on the recommendation of Barb – Alaska Leather. It was not what I had in mind when I went in her shop, but I trusted her and I am so glad I did, she was so very right! Best boot I’ve ever had, comfy from the start, and waterproof so far. My Forma GT adventure is a slightly different model from the boot you’ve pictured, but thought I’d mention how pleased I am with my Forma boots.

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