Triumph Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 Review: Cat Video

I love OneWheel Drive reviews…full of sarcasm and of course great info.  I know Neil has found a LOVE for the Tiger 800XC.  He has told me himself.  This is a long review but worth watching as he explains the Tiger 1200 and 800 very well.

Published on 19 Nov 2012

The Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 are a direct attack on BMW’s F800GS Siegfried and R1200GS Roy, but the Triumphs are well capable of standing on their own merits. That raises another question, which big cat to take home? http://OneWheelDrive.Net puts the two Tigers to the test to find out, in our take on that standard internet meme – the cat video.

Check out the Twisted Throttle bits for the:
– Triumph Explorer 1200
– Triumph Tiger 800 XC

Heet Seas – Stupid Game

TRONIC – Journey Into Cyberspace – MG-Rizzello – Outro

DUB TERMINATOR – Dub Terminator Instrumentals – DISTANCE

PhOniAndFlOrE – The Sound of Factory – Dub To DnB

Diverse – Night

Diverse – Solaris

Marvin Jouno – Eclipse – Les chers leaders

Professor Kliq – Curriculum Vitae – Lift (Always Dewaele)

Air One – Evolution – Symphonic

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!

6 thoughts on “Triumph Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 Review: Cat Video”

  1. Ha ha, “it’s a tall engine….with a gas tank for a hat”

    I have watched their reviews on Youtube before and think they give a fair account.

  2. Hi! My name is Thiago and I am a brazilian living in Adelaide (Australia). I consider myself a beginner rider and I will have my full license in 10 months. I was thinking about upgrade from my XT250 to a Tiger 800. I know you had experience with the tiger and now rides a gs800. I believe I am too short for the gs (I am 5’5). Would you recomend the tiger 800?? Sorry for bothering….

    1. not bothering me at all…thanks for the question. Height is all about how confident you are as a rider. If the seat height intimidates you then perhaps the Tiger would be a better choice for you. You can at least get a low seat and put the setting on low. What is your in seam? Mine is 30.5 inches and I feel fine on both bikes. The F800 is pretty high but with the low seat I can ride with confidence. Just have to be mindful as to where I park and the angle.

      going from a XT250 to an 800 is a big leap in power a lone as well as the clutch set ups. BMW has a snatchier clutch and the Tiger’s is smoother. Both have great top end power. BMW gets better gas mileage but also take premium gas. We rotate between regular unleaded and premium and so far so good. Whatever bike you choose you will need time to adjust and get used the power and speed. If you go off road you will need to practice. Riding Dual Sport is completely different then dirt bike and road riding. let us know what you choose. Post back here or anywhere and we are always open to questions and suggestions. Good luck. Leslie

      1. Hi Leslie,

        Thank you very much for your answer!
        I should check my inseam, but I went to the bike shop 2 weeks ago to seat on the Tiger 800 and I can put my foot flat on the ground. I am not sure if the seat was in the lower position.

        The problem with the seat high is parking and sometimes I have my wife as pillion. That first moment where she jumps in the bike is awkward when the seat is too high.

        I can change my bike only in October when I get the full license, so I have time to think (but the truth is that I am desperate to buy the new one).

        I thought about making the change more gradual with a 600cc (versys or vstrom)……but at the same time I don’t want to change bikes again and again because I am awful doing business and I will lose lots of money in the proccess…
        I still want to live the final decision for after the test ride….. but it is always good to have an opinion from someone more experient.
        I will be reading your blog and let you know how things are going!
        thanks again!

  3. Thiago if you are flat footed on the 800 (XC?) you are fine riding two up once you work with your wife when she mounts the bike and dismounts. Just practice. AS for buying a 600cc and moving up? Trust me if you are riding two up you will want to extra HP. If I knew what I know now when we embarked on our obsession with bikes, we could have save a ton of $$ if I listened to my colleague back in 2008 to buy a BMW GS. Instead we went with what we thought was good for us and spent way too much on bikes that were not for us and too small cc’s. If you love riding and it’s in your your money, buy the bike you want…take a more advance course if you have to, get really good riding gear and go have fun.! 😉

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