BLOG Vacation

We are taking a little BLOG vacation unless some really cool stuff happens to us or I find some interesting info to post.  It’s a busy time around here not only for the holidays but with work.  Leslie is on call almost the rest of the month and Cheryl is doing many OT shifts working with kids in her role as Constable. 

While we are away click a category or tag and have a look around.  There are over 900 posts on here…if you have any questions about where something is that might interest you…post them here.  I will respond.  We are not that far away from a million hits….let’s make it happen soon!  Share Share this BLOG! 😉 THANKS!

Hope everyone is almost ready for the Holidays and Enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR from us to you!


  1. Garth says:

    Best to you and yours. Exciting year coming up for you folks, relax and enjoy as much as you can. If the world does not end we look forward to updates in the new year. If it does end, see you on the other side. …. insert lyrics to “Big Rock Candy Mountain” here.

  2. Scott Robertson says:

    Well crap, what will I do now? Merry Xmas adventure team.

  3. Have a fantastic Christmas and remember to take a few minutes out for each other! xx

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