Making the Leap from On-to-Off-Road

If we did not ride in the rain we would never ride in BC 😉
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I get a lot of questions from guys and gals about transitioning from a street bike to a DS.  I like this article but don’t totally agree about choosing bike size.  You can go the route of buying a used smaller, lighter cc bike at first and practice.  Or….you can sort of do what we did which was went with a 2010 BMW F650GS and just learned as we rode.  What I mean is that buying a bike is not cheap.  Most of the Bigger DS bikes are road worthy too.  You can ease your way into the back roads with any bike you choose. 
If you are not into buying used, smaller or lighter at first, go with something you will like for a while and see how it goes.  It worked for us because we both knew in our hearts we wanted to be riding where the pavement ended.  Our 650’s did us WELL.  I got 60,000KM out of mine and Cheryl rode hers for 48,000KM. 
We have bought way too many bikes before we found our passion.  I should have listened to an old colleague of mine back in 2008 when he said to me, “Leslie you are sooooo not a street bike or cruiser grrl, you need to get a BMW 650.”  If I listen to Scott back then we would have not went out and bought bikes that only liked to road and we would be only on our 4th bikes versus 13th.  😉
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