worthy of a repost while we are dreaming of being on the road!

Advgrrl Motorcycle Adventures & More

All pics can be clicked on for much larger higher resolution versions.  Also, there are over 100 pics in this post.  Hope you make it to the end! 😉

Summer 2012 although not completely over has been an interesting one.  We did not get away as much as we did last summer (Triumph Alaska Adventure 2011 – 44 days)

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Eight reasons why Justin Bieber is a total squid

I am posting this article not because it’s JB but because it’s about a young stupid boy who might regret the power he owns and not being responsible for his body!  Adults pay attention as well…;-)  Better be warned now before something happens right???

Like, OMG! Justin Bieber rides a Ducati! Could he get any dreamier?

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