Amazing Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

I LOVE THESE….Never seen anything like this! Star at the pics, they move!


Today we want to show you “more than a photo, but not quite a video”. Art works of artists duo: New York City-based fashion photographer Jamie Beck and visual designer Kevin Burg. They created amazing series of animated GIFs called “cinemagraphs”. They really raised the GIF animation to a new level. People on these cinemagraphs are smiling, wind is ruffling their hair… And the first that came to mind is magical photos from movies about Garry Potter. It seems like they will just step out the photo and ask you for a cup of coffee! Just take a look and you will surely enjoy cinemagraphs!

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Welcome Country # 201 to our BLOG! Vanuatu Population: 227,574

Multiple waves of colonizers, each speaking a distinct language, migrated to the New Hebrides in the millennia preceding European exploration in the 18th century. This settlement pattern accounts for the complex linguistic diversity found on the archipelago to this day. The British and French, who settled the New Hebrides in the 19th century, agreed in 1906 to an Anglo-French Condominium, which administered the islands until independence in 1980, when the new name of Vanuatu was adopted. Continue reading “Welcome Country # 201 to our BLOG! Vanuatu Population: 227,574”


Cheryl and I have been wearing Alpinestars Scout Boots for years now and actually LOVE them…but like anything else new boots come out on the market always tempting us to try another.


Flying over the Tulips Fields

Anna Paulowna
There is a Tulip Festival every year not far from us in Washington State called the SKAGIT TULIP FESTIVAL
While we have only attended once it was incredible and this post just reminded maybe 2013 is the year we go back in April.
Flying over the Tulips Fields in Anna Paulowna a municipality and a town in the Netherlands, in the province of North Holland.
The tulip has come to be a loved symbol of the Netherlands. Many tourists visit the country just to see the bright coloured flower and the astonishing view over the bulb fields. The season begins in March with crocuses, followed by the daffodil and the yellow narcissi. In April the hyacinths and tulips blosssom to some time in mid May, depending on the weather. Later, in August it is time for the gladioli. Even when spring is over, the Netherlands is still a garden, visitors can enjoy flowers in the Netherlands all year round.
In the 20th century, the bulb flower business continued to boom, resulting in the establishment of auction and trading houses, large-scale cultivators and cooperatives. Today, The Netherlands exports bulbflowers in large quantities to over a hundred countries worldwide.

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Animated Animals Edition


Click the links

– 1. Hello
– 2. Oh hai
– 3. Gorillas fascinated by a caterpillar
– 4. Terrible way to wake up from a nightmare
– 5. Almost as bad
– 6. Some penguins just want to watch the world burn
– 7. Whale-bow
– 8. Snaggled
– 9. Also snaggled
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36 Perfectly Timed Animal Shots

Some of these I have posted before but some I have not.  In any case personally I can never get enough of these types of photos.  They are just awesome in so many ways.  Enjoy!

2013 MV Agusta F4 and F4 RR – First Ride

Why not add a little sporty look to the BLOG?  Although we focus on ADV riding, this is one wicked looking sport bike….if we rode bikes like this….hmmmmm….one would dream eh? Click the source for more awesome picture!

Our dealer now sells these bikes too! PACIFIC MOTOSPORTS


January 21, 2013 By

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Great Review-New 2013 BMW 1200GS

BMW R1200 GS World’s Most Successful Perfected -Woman Riders’ Agree


MOTORESS women and motorcycles, motorcycling for women

The “BMW GS” concept has embodied riding pleasure and the desire for adventure for over 30 years. This applies especially to the GS motorcycles with the opposed-twin “boxer” engine. The “big GS” allows a motorcyclist to explore the most remote corners of the world – an idea that has already inspired numerous globetrotters to set off on their travels.  But the GS was and still is much more than this. Whether sports-style cornering on winding country roads, excellent travel times due to high motorway speeds, and relaxed tours with a passenger or daring rides over rough terrain – every GS has offered supreme mastery of these skills in its respective era and this won’t change with the new version. Continue reading “Great Review-New 2013 BMW 1200GS”

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