Dr. Seuss-Style Surreal Photography-By Christopher Jobson

David Keochkerian lReflection.

lReflection.David Keochkerian.

These infrared photographs taken by France-based photographer David Keochkerian look like bizarre, saturated landscapes created from a Dr. Seuss illustration. Seasons seem reversed, with white trees appearing in spring, and bushes are transformed into something that looks like fragile blades of bubblegum. You can see much more on Facebook, and Keochkerian tells me some images are available as limited edition prints if you contact him directly. If you liked this, also check out the work of Richard Mosse. (via gaks)

david keochkerian Life in IR.

Life in IR.David Keochkerian.
David Keochkerian IRMood.

IRMood.David Keochkerian.
David Keochkerian Misty Rainy Day.

Misty Rainy Day.David Keochkerian.
David Keochkerian Quietude1.

Quietude1.David Keochkerian.
David Keochkerian The Dancer.

The Dancer.David Keochkerian.
David Keochkerian The Trl

The TrIR.David Keochkerian.

David Keochkerian Our Home.

Our Home.David Keochkerian.


  1. yogawithmaheshwari says:

    Love these pics!

  2. Chris says:

    Alaska is pretty cool. I see how it could look like a Dr. Seuss world, with the psychedelic colors. Anyways thanks for sharing!. 🙂 Maybe I’ll visit one day now because of this.

  3. segmation says:

    Beautiful and creative art! Thanks for sharing.

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