1. If you have a stock non-adjustable shield go to step # 2. If your original shield is adjustable raise it about a quarter of the way up from the lowest position.
2. You will need a tape measure, straight edge, masking tape and about three feet of string.
3. Move your bike to a level spot and get some one to assist if possible.
4. Tape the straight edge to center of windshield using masking tape. The straight edge needs to stand about five to six inches above the top of shield possibly more.
5. For best results the top of the shield needs to be level with your mouth and no higher than the tip of your nose when in a relaxed normal riding position. If it’s too low you’ll get too much turbulence, if it’s too tall the crown of the shield will be in your line of sight. Most riders prefer to look over the top. If you prefer to ride under the shield then the top of the shield would need to be level with or just above your eyebrows.If you’re not certain it’s always better to miss on the high side when ordering light gray, clear or green tints. These tints are Department of Transportation approved for day or night time riding. If you receive a shield that’s too tall just mark it & send it back at your expense. We will make a one time no charge adjustment including courtesy shipping for the ultimate in shield height. Prior to shipping the item back to us, you must contact sales and obtain a return authorization number so we know how to handle your product when it arrives at our facility.

When ordering dark gray or opaque black it’s always better to be on low side because you must clearly see over the shield.

Unfortunately dark colors and best air are usually a trade off. Dark colors need to be just below the mouth down towards the chin. If dark colors are too high your vision will be reduced for up close road hazards especially at night or in low light conditions.

Sit on your bike in a normal riding position with a straight edge that’s been securely taped to the center of the shield. Place the string in your mouth then pull the string tight to the top of the shield. Move the string up or down until the string is parallel with the ground or in a straight line that’s level with or just above your mouth. Simply add or subtract how many inches are needed to obtain a proper height. You’re trying to place the top of the shield in an imaginary line that’s level or even with your mouth.

You need the top of the shield to be slightly above the mouth and no higher than the tip of your nose for light colors. Dark gray and opaque black needs to be somewhere between your lower lip and your chin. Riders with large shoulders and torsos may also want more width. Medium & shorter riders may find that the stock width shield just works fine.

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