Canon SX50 HS Review

While I never claim to be a photographer I am always looking for something to make my life easier.  Cheryl bought me this camera for Christmas 2012 and I have to say so far so good for a “Superzoom”.  Read an experts view because that I am not. 😉  If you look at my most recent post from January 15, 2012 you will see some of the pics this can take.  The zoom is amazing to be honest and any wild life you see I take means the bird etc are usually FAR FAR away.

Oh No, Not Another Superzoom!

OK, I admit it. I have a soft spot for so-called Superzoom cameras and have reviewed quite a few of them on these pages over the years. I have looked at even more than I have reviewed, and found most (read – all) wanting, usually in the area of image quality.

The new Canon SX50 HS was announced at Photokina in September, 2012, started shipping in October at a SMLP of $480, and by early November had dropped to $369 at some US  retailers. This means a drop of at least -20% during its first month on sale. Who knows how many of these ended up as stocking-stuffers by Christmas. Continue reading “Canon SX50 HS Review”

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