Cheryl and I have been wearing Alpinestars Scout Boots for years now and actually LOVE them…but like anything else new boots come out on the market always tempting us to try another.

We have TCX air boots for the really hot days and Love them too.  Believe it or not the TKC air boots are actually pretty waterproof even though they vent…but have minimal support in the sole.  These are not really made for off road use but are perfect for commuting on HOT days.

New to the market is the TCX X-Desert Gore-Tex Boot. 

For around $399 USD makes this boot pretty appealing to ADV riders like us having the Gore Tex liner and perhaps being that much more breathable than our Alpinestars Scouts.  As we get more obsessed, rather me, Leslie’s obsession with riding we are always striving to save our $$ to invest, YES invest in the best most protective gear that is also comfortable.  Riding is not about being a “poser” but finding what fits you and it has to be comfortable. 

Comfortable gear is actually safer in the end…and sometimes comfort with protection comes at a cost in $$’s.  Trial and error has been our claim to fame but maybe some of our posts will help the new rider gather info from what have learned ourselves.  In the end if you save your money and buy quality products you will save money.  Trust us, don’t cheap out because you will either wear out your gear because it’s cheap, crash and get hurt or just learn you hate the lack of quality and end up buying better gear as you get more experienced.

This boot intrigues us.  However, for the time being we will resist buying and trying them out.  Why?  We are getting married and the wedding is going to cost a fortune!  😉  On a serious note, we can wait.  Our Scouts are still in good shape, have some H20 issues lately but will continue to use wax to protect them.  When it comes the time to buy new boots we believe these will fit the bill.

The TCX X-Desert GTX is a quality and extremely strong but flexible boot. Equally suitable for MX / Enduro Cross or ADV Touring.


  • Full grain leather with GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane
  • PU ankle protection with carbon look insert
  • PU gearshift pad
  • PU shin guard
  • Suede heat and wear protection on inside calves
  • Reinforced PU heel
  • 3 adjustable aluminum buckles
  • Anatomical and replaceable footbed
  • New Enduro sole with specific profile for maximum grip

Feel free to share what works for you when it comes to boots. 

Author: advgrrl

Avid ADV rider! This Blog is all about the adventure in adventure riding. Researching new bikes, routes, accessories, learning about other riders and hopefully a great place for others to comment and explore with me. PLUS, up and down's, wildlife, my dogs, my life!


  1. A long time Scout owner myself but wanting a dual sport boot for hot Okanagan conditions, I opted for the Gaerne Balance Oiled. I have a pair of old school Gaerne Explorers for 20+ years that simply won’t take any more Shoe-Goo so I had to do something.

    The Balance Oiled are about the same price point as the TCX Deserts and waterproof as well. You might be interested in having a look.

    1. There are two Gaerne Balance models . . . . the waterproof Oiled and the non-waterproof Pro Tech. My own rain experience with the Oiled is limited but nearly all of them attest to waterproof nature of the Oiled. I guess it’s time to put them on and go down to the lake for some testing.

      Some light reading on the subject . . . . .

  2. Thought I’d come back to this post as I bought the TCX X-Deserts last month. Until they are broken in, they have a few odd-feeling spots, not uncomfortable but slightly tight/lumpy in places. Also due to their initial stiffness I kept missing shifts and couldn’t feel the brake pedal.

    A month on, the are now almost as comfy as a pair of trainers, and the stiffness with shifting/braking has all but gone. They had the ultimate test a few weeks ago when I managed to get properly stuck in a foot-deep clay mud lake-of-a-puddle with the bike sunk to its axles from and rear. After dropping a huge wad of cash on these the first thought was not me or the bike sinking slowly, but ‘oh no my boots are going to be f****d’. I actually ended up being rescued by a sheep dog who pulled me out via a rope around the front forks (don’t ask).

    After all that, my feet remained completely dry, and apart from a good cleaning with a soft brush after the mud had dried, the boots still look (almost) like brand new. Pleasantly surprised they did what TCX promised. I would recommend these and I believe they are money well spent.

  3. Great blog! I am really loving my BMW Allaround boot (on clearance at the local Beemer shop) I wore them this weekend on a 4 mile hike to break them in. Did not have to pull out my hiking shoes in the backpack! The Allaround II
    Is out so the older ones are cheaper

    I also love the Chippewa Ralley boot-not waterproof like the stand in a creek BMW boots (I did) but comfortable and a great long lasting boot that give you some additional inseam

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