Honda Canada Announces the CTX700N and CTX700T for 2014

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It’s hard not to have a gut reaction to the freshly announced 2014 Honda CTX700T, a strange and disfigured attempt to graft the Goldwing F6B’s styling onto a NC700X. What does look the business, or at least startlingly dashing by comparison, is the naked CTX700N. The CTX700T (doomed) and CTX700N, will share the NC700X’s 670cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin, and should have similar good manners on the road. Continue reading “Honda Canada Announces the CTX700N and CTX700T for 2014”

Our Family plus Leslie

Cheryl is now learning to be a photographer for her new position with the RCMP…she has to learn this in order to be part of the forensics team.  BONUS for us when we go on another bike trip….we will have “real” pics from now one!  Well, at least when we are off the bikes!

Our Beagle Cruizer who will be 9 this year, Sierra going to be 11 and Xander the little guy will be 13.

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